Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ghost Image Movie Review 128

Ghost Image is a thriller directed by Jack Snyder and starring Elizabeth Rohm of Law and Order fame.

The movie begins with a woman being chased in her apartment by something not visible which ends up killing her. We cut to a guy called Wade(Waylon Payne) who is making a home movie of a party. He is with his girlfriend, Jennifer(Rohm). We find out that she was on medication for mental problems, but now she is better and doesn't need it. Cut to next day and Wade has had an accident and is killed. She is devastated and she watches his home movies over and over.She finds a tape with Play Me written on it and she plays it. Wade comes up on screen and he tells her that he loves her etc. She thinks that she sees her dead sister in the video and she freaks out. We find out that her sister died when Jen was twelve and that is why she takes pills.

The cops are investigating Wade's accident. They find out that the brakes were messed with. The keys to Wade's car are missing.Jen sees a strange man watching her.The cops are wondering if Jen was meant to have to car accident and not Wade.Maybe someone was trying to kill her.Jen calls her pal, Tucker(Matthew Del Negro) for support.A lot of strange things begin to happen to Jen and she is under suspicion for the murder of Wade. They ask a lot of questions and  she wonders if they think she did it because she is crazy. The strange man keeps following her and he attacks her. She tells the cops. She is chatting to Wade through the computer which makes her pals wonder if she has gone mad. He is warning her that she is in danger.

It turns out that Wade shot footage of her friend Stan making some dodgy deal with a senator and that is why she is being targeted but when she shows the cops nothing shows up and she looks insane. They begin to think that she has a real problem and that she is making up everything. Anyway, it all comes to a head in the end and all is revealed....Watch it and see..Even if the movie isn't great, at least you can have a look at Elisabeth Rohm...Above is a nice picture of her for you to enjoy!!!

This film was okay. It wasn't brilliant, so don't rush out to rent or buy it! I am giving it a 5/10


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