Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Season 7 Episode 1 Review

So, we are back for another season of Hell's Kitchen and the new recruits are being herded inside to meet their tormentor, Gordon Ramsay. There are the usual mix of idiots, those with massive egos and those who have some potential! The prize is a job in Ramsay's  restaurant in the Savoy Hotel in London, England.

The chefs are told the usual things and they have to cook their signature dishes for Chef Ramsay. There are some terrible and some really terrible dishes for him to sample and he surprises them all when his kisses one of the contestants who turns out to be his wife in disguise(Watch the clip above!)!!! The mens team wins the first challenge..Chef Ramsay tells them that they will be cooking on the opening night of Hell's Kitchen and they are all worried. He gives them their menus and dishes to study that night and they are all trying to familiarize themselves with everything. But, then, they have to watch tutorials all night. Chef Ramsay shows them how to prepare and cook all of the dishes on TV. The next morning, the womens team have to prepare breakfast for the mens team as punishment for losing.

That evening, the first service and begins and it isn't long before the weaklings are weeded out. The first one to be screamed at is Stacey, who seems to mess everything up and look as if she doesn't give a crap. Chef Ramsay is not impressed with her or the Italian guy Salvatore who burns everything. He ends up sending three of the ladies, Fran, Stacey and Maria, up to the dorm as they are all useless..Maria was laughing, Fran and Stacey made too many mistakes and another member of the ladies team, Jamie, is sent up too. It isn't long before Salvatore and Benjamin are sent up too. The rest of the teams have to pull together and one of the ladies, Autumn, thinks that she is in charge of the team and tries to get everything together. The service is finished finally and the ladies team have lost. They nominate Fran and Stacey to go home, but Stacey is sent home and this was a good decision as she didn't seem very good at all!

So begins another season of Hell's Kitchen. It will be interesting to see who will step up as this year, it seems as if there isn't as much talent on show as last year but we will see!


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