Friday, June 11, 2010

Hells Kitchen Season 7 Episode 2 Review

So, we are back in the hottest kitchen in town for another episode of Hell's Kitchen. Funny, but this year, there doesn't seem to be anyone standing out to me who is good and who I would tip to win. Last year, I picked Dave and I was right. This year, I'm not so sure.But then again, it is early days yet, so you can't expect to see a winner emerge . I do know, however, who I do NOT like and that is Autumn. She is a bossy b***h and I do not like those kinds of people...

Anyway on with the show...Last week saw Stacey get kicked out, so I was pleased with that. This week, the chefs went head to head in an egg challenge! They had to pair up and make eggs four ways. Siobhan was by herself. So, they all got on okay but then Siobhan admitted that she had help and Chef Ramsay was NOT impressed! Autumn helped her and Siobhan made out that she was bullied into letting her help, which I can agree with. Autumn is the type of person who would try and get someone else into trouble. Watch out for her as I can see that she is a backstabber already.The men won the challenge and they got to go in a helicopter with Chef Ramsay and then they were treated to a meal with her. The bitching begins with the women as usual and there are some harsh words exchanged. Siobhan is very upset over what happened.

Service begins and the teams are in the kitchen..Mikey keeps messing up his risotto and Chef Ramsay is amazed at how many times he messes it up(Watch the video clip). On the ladies team, Nilka is totally lost and lets her whole team down. Jason can't seem to cook the chicken and gets yelled at..The ladies don't seem to be communicating at all and it is worrying Chef Ramsay. Andrew is a bit of a weirdo and he starts talking to himself during service and he falls  foul of Chef Ramsay and he ends up getting kicked out of the kitchen. He decides that he is heading home and that is the end of him. Quitter! The men struggle on without him and finish service. The teams are told that they both have to choose a person for the boot. The ladies pick Autumn and the men choose Jason. Chef Ramsay ends up picking out Mikey who messed up with the risotto.. So two went this week.....I will be back next week with more ..


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