Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hells Kitchen Season 7 Episode 4 Review

So, we are down to twelve chefs now as we head back into Hell's Kitchen. Last time, Jamie got the boot so this time, the women are determined not to lose another member of their team.

Irritating Scott is trying to help Salvatore, but he comes across as annoying and full of self-importance. I don't like him at all. So, the chefs have to roll a dice with a letter on it, they have to pick an ingredient that begins with that letter. The men pick good ingredients and the women get some really awkward ones. The two teams go head to head and the men win the challenge.(Watch the clip above!) They go skydiving while the women get to clean Hell's Kitchen from top to bottom and prepare both kitchens for service.

That evening, the men return and service begins. Chef Ramsay tells them that they have some special guests. They are some famous personalities and they are sitting right in front of the kitchen so they can see everything.
Scott starts to piss everyone off and he begins to try and tell the others what to do. Siobhan can't tell the difference between lobster and crab and Chef Ramsay is appalled. Salvatore cooks the fish wrong and gets screamed at but then he starts to pick it up and turns out great fish. Chef Ramsay is very pleased with him.
He doesn't seem like a bad cook, I think he gets flustered and messes things up, but he could be good in the future....Ed and Scott both have mishaps and get shouted at, so nobody is safe! Autumn shows no respect for her food and Chef Ramsay is NOT impressed with her majesty!!!

Nilka impresses with her work in service. Scott crumbles after all his talk...He can't back it up! At the end of the night, Chef Ramsay is pleased with them. He tells Salvatore that he is a good cook and he tells Nilka that she should be proud. He tells them to pick one person from their team to go home. Nilka picks Autumn and Salvatore picks Scott. Chef Ramsay gave them another chance and didn't send anyone home. Instead, he put Autumn on the men's team and Scott onto the women's. I was hoping that either of these annoying people would get kicked out, but not this week! Hopefully, Autumn or Scott will get kicked out next week.Keep your fingers crossed!!!!


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