Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Season 7 Episode 5 Review


So, this week, there were two episodes of Hell's Kitchen and I am going to review the first.Last week, nobody went home so this week, nobody is safe!

The chefs had a challenge to get in a pen with some little pigs and grab them. The pigs have an ingredient on a piece of paper around their necks and the chefs had to catch the pig and get the paper. They then had to cook whatever was written on the paper. They split into teams of two and got cooking.
The men won the challenge as Maria screwed up. The gents got to go to a spa with Autumn on their team and they seemed to appreciate her assets at the spa!!! The ladies have to wash the little piggies while the others lounge around in the spa.

When the other team return, they have to get ready for service. Before they do, they all sit around and get to know each other better which is kinda scary as some things, you just don't want to know! That night, Hell's Kitchen is going to do barbequed food and it should be easy, but no such luck!!! Nilka gets ahead of herself and tries to cook the chicken in advance. Chef Ramsay decides that each team will take it in turns to serve and cook. So, the red team is up first and they go to pieces as Maria has a meltdown. She can't keep it together at all. The red team start to bicker and it looks as if they are all working separately. Meanwhile, nasty Autumn is serving diners and telling them that she can take back food if it is not up to scratch which is very devious. Needless to say, the food starts to fly back to the kitchen, screwing up the red team. Scott messes up his chicken which should be easy. He leaves the oven door open which is a health and safety hazard! 

The red team try and serve customers and get mixed up. The blue team seem to be doing well in the kitchen apart from a few mishaps.Maria is messing up orders on the floor and Chef Ramsay is horrified. Jason tries to fry chicken and fries together in the fryer and Chef Ramsay is disgusted. Jason starts his usual moaning. Chef Ramsay tells the teams that they weren't great. He tells the red team that they lost again! Fran was the best of the worst so she gets to pick two people to get the boot. She picks Nilka and Maria. Chef Ramsay calls out Scott too and sends Nilka back. Fran feels bad about picking Nilka over Scott. Chef Ramsay sends Maria home and I think that he made the right decision.


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