Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Crushed Movie Review 133

Crushed is a horror movie which is directed by Patrick Johnson and starring Natalie Dickinson and Henrik Norlen.

Ray(Norlen) is a guy who is on his way to work when he meets a pretty girl, Tara(Dickinson). He helps her put some suitcases into her truck and they flirt etc. They end up having a one night stand and Ray feels terrible about it. He has a girlfriend,Maddy(Caitlin Wehrle) and he wants to forget all about what he has done. Unfortunately for him, Tara is a little unbalanced and she will not forget about it. She has set her sights on Ray and nothing is going to stop her from getting into his life. She calls him hundreds of times and she keeps trying to meet him and get in contact with him. She wants to be with him again and Ray is just embarrassed and wants to forget her.

We get to see what Tara is really like. She is a brutal cold-blooded killer and she has no problem giving people what they deserve in her eyes!!!She is one messed up chick!!!She has had a hard life and she has become insane over time. We get to see that her mother is in an institution and that Tara was locked up and she went mad as a result. Now, she is messed up. Poor Ray doesn't have a clue what is coming!! Tara works her way through his friends and then she captures his girlfriend and kills her. Ray is caught by her and kept in her house. She tells him that she is going to kill his son too, which she does. He goes to pieces and the last time we see him, she has given him a home made lobotomy and she is trying to seduce him as he slobbers everywhere.....Eventually, he dies and she has to chop him up and get rid of him....She begins her search for a new mate...

I liked this movie a lot. I thought that it was well-done and I thought that it was interesting to see a woman who is really messed up!Her lack of conscience is interesting....You should catch this on DVD. You will not be disappointed!



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