Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hell's Kitchen, Season 7, episode 10

So, last week, Fran got the boot, Ben rejoiced and Autumn was inflicted on the red team once again.

The seven chefs have to prepare dishes from lobsters. Chef Ramsay brings in some chefs to judge the dishes.
Ben and Nilka bicker over the lobster. Ed makes a big mistake with his.The red team end up winning the challenge and they get to eat some caviar and do some shopping! The blue team have to clean the dorms and prep both kitchens. The blue team are behind schedule. They are still working on the red kitchen and they haven't done their own. They are worried about being behind. Chef Ramsay tells them that they are all going to work together in the red kitchen.

Service begins as usual. Nilka begins to fall apart during service and there is no coming back for her.She serves raw fish and she begins to have a serious meltdown.Chef Ramsay is furious at her and he talks to her and tries to get her working. Ed begins to feel the pressure as he gets on the wrong side of Chef Ramsay. Nilka drives Chef Ramsay mad and he throws her out of the kitchen once and for all(Watch the clip above!). She tries to convince him that she will be better, but there is no hope. He will not reconsider. He sends her home. He has a word with her before she goes and tells her that she wasn't ready to take the head chef's job.

He tells the remaining chefs to pick two people to go home. They pick Ed and Autumn(again!). Chef Ramsay surprises them by telling them all that they are in the final six! He gives them their new jackets and tells them to celebrate! So, we are down to six and it will be interesting to see who is going to step up and shine!!!


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