Friday, July 30, 2010

Hell's Kitchen, Season 7, Episode 12 Review

 So, Ed got his marching orders last week for being the weakest member of the team. We are down to five now and there is no hiding place for weak team players....

This week, the chefs have a challenge to cook a restaurant quality dish and Chef Ramsay brings in chefs to price them and whoever gets the highest price wins the challenge(Watch the video above). Holli ends up winning the challenge and she can bring a pal with her so she chooses Jay. They seem to be having some sort of romance between them and everyone has noticed it. They are flirting with each other a lot. So, they enjoy a relaxing time at a private pool along with Jean Phillipe. The others have to do the laundry for the restaurant and they have to listen to Autumn nattering away about nothing.

The two lovebirds arrive back in Hell's Kitchen. Next morning, Jason is very slow with his preparation. The others notice it too. That evening, the chefs have to switch stations and communicate with each other. Some of them get confused with it all. Jason is taking too long in cooking his stuff. He also doesn't tell Chef Ramsay that his dish isn't ready which irritates him. Ben can't cook the tuna and he is frustrated with himself. Jay is in a world of his own. He isn't paying attention and people are getting angry with him. Holli gets pissed at him.

Ben starts to take over Holli's station. He is irritating everybody but he really puts his foot in it when he tries to take over the pass and Chef Scott screams at him. He is totally humiliated which is good as he needs to be taken down from his high horse. That night after service, Chef Ramsay is disgusted with their performance. Two people have to be chosen for elimination and Jason and Ben. Jason ends up getting the boot and Ben is saved ...


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