Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hell's Kitchen, Season 7, episode 9 Review

I am back with another Hell's Kitchen. This week, there is only eight chefs left. They are beginning to drop like flies now! Last week, we saw Salvatore and Siobhan get the boot.

So, this week, the chefs are having a taste test with Chef Ramsay. They all claim to have great pallets, but when it gets to tasting the food, most of them are very poor indeed. The blue team end up winning and Jay is being his usual annoying self by taunting the red team. It is pretty sad really. The blue team get to go to seaworld while the red team have to unload all of the trucks that come with deliveries. That evening, the chefs get a surprise from Chef Ramsay. They all have to come up with their own menus and the diners will decide which team's kitchen they want to eat from.

So, the chefs begin trying to come up with their menus. Ben is trying to overpower everyone in the red kitchen and he insists on getting his dishes on the menu. The blue team decide to keep it simple which was not the best idea. Chef Ramsay tastes everything before it can go onto the menu and he is not impressed with some of the dishes. He is very impressed with Holli's desserts. He is disgusted with the blue team. They have no creativity.Service begins and Ben is serving undercooked pasta and shrimp. He has it in for Fran now and he doesn't seem to want to communicate with anybody.

The blue team is serving more food. Fran is serving raw chicken and she is wasting the whole thing. She is very poor at cooking. She is too slow and she just can't seem to do the job. Autumn brings up raw pork to Chef Ramsay and he screams at her. She holds the entire kitchen up and she has to go out and explain to the customers why they are not being served quickly. Nilka is having a meltdown. Fran gets annoyed when nobody will communicate and she is annoyed with Holli. Chef Ramsay is irritated with her and he tells her to clean up her act. That night, there are no winners and they have to choose one person from each team to go home. The blue team choose Autumn for obvious reasons and of course, the red team choose Fran. It was time for Fran to go so he kicked her out. He puts Autumn back on the red team. I was hoping that she would go home. Ben is being nasty and he is rejoicing that Fran has gone....


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