Monday, July 5, 2010

Nightmare on Elm Street 4:Dream Master Movie Review 132

I am back with another Freddy classic. This time it is the fourth movie in the series and it is called The Dream Master. This one is directed by Renny Harlin and it stars Robert Englund in his usual role.

It begins with Kristen who was in the last movie. She and her pals Joey and Kincaid  are out in the real world now and they are living their lives.Kristen tells them that she thinks that Freddy is back, but they don't believe her. She has some friends, Sheila, Debbie and Alice(Lisa Wilcox). She also has a boyfriend called Rick(Andras Jones). Rick is Alice's brother and he does martial arts. Kincaid and Joey don't want to know anything about Freddy and they think that Kristen is imagining it. Kincaid falls asleep one night and he meets Freddy who kills him in revenge. Joey gets a visit from Freddy also. Kristen gets very worried when she doesn't see her two pals in school. Kristen tells Alice that she has bad dreams and Alice tells her to imagine that she is somewhere nice and she will feel better.

Kristen realises that Freddy has killed her pals. Kristen's mother slips her a sleeping pill hoping that it will help her daughter get some rest, but it works against her as Freddy gets her and kills her. Kristen passes on her powers to Alice. Alice realises that Kristen is inside her. Rick is devastated at the loss of his girlfriend. Sheila is the next to get it and she does. Alice knows that Freddy is behind it all, but there is no way to prove it. Rick gets killed next so Dan, Debbie and Alice decide to get together and make a plan to get Freddy. Alice seems to be changing after every death. Alice dreams of Freddy and he tells her that he wants souls and she can bring them to him. He is after her friends.

Debbie gets squished by Freddy. Alice and Dan are left. They have to go after Freddy but they get in an accident and Dan has to go to hospital.Alice has to go and get Freddy alone. She fights with him and he is winning until she shows him his reflection in  a mirror and he is destroyed(but you know he will be back for the sequel!).All of the souls he had captured are set free and it ends with Dan and Alice together...


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