Friday, July 23, 2010

Saw 7 Teaser!!


Jigsaw and myself are really looking forward to the new Saw movie which will be out in October and we have been getting ready for some serious games with a lot of gore and screaming!!!!We came across this poster for the new movie which will be in 3-D!!!!It will be even better to see all the bloodshed and tortured faces!!!!!We have included a teaser trailer for you to watch and get a little taste of what will be Jigsaw's masterpiece!!!! Enjoy.....


Saw7 said...

Waiting to watch this film.
Awesome movie.

ortsed said...

here comes the newest movie called saw 3d also knows as the saw 7. many happenings will be happened on this movie. more blood will flow and i expect many people will shout for their fear and excitement so check it out and watch saw 3d online free

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