Saturday, July 17, 2010

Smash Cut Movie Review 135

Smash Cut is a horror movie directed by Lee Demarbre and it stars Michael Berryman,David Hess and Herschell Gordon Lewis( director of such movies as Blood Feast and The Wizard of Gore.)

So, this film begins with a director,Able Whitman(Hess) whose movie is thrashed by everyone. People walk out of the cinema and they say that it is rubbish. Whitman is sitting in the cinema and he hears what people are saying about his work. He is annoyed and he needs inspiration. This is where this film gets very strange indeed. His girlfriend, Gigi is killed in a car crash and he takes her dead body with him. He brings her corpse into the film studios with him and he uses it in his new movie. People think that it is just a dummy.

Able becomes bloodthirsty after this and he begins killing people including his ctirics. He cuts them up and uses them in his movie. Meanwhile. Gigi's sister hires a private investigator to find her sister. He is led to Able and he accuses him of murder. The sister decides that she will get a part in Able's movie and that way she will find out if he did kill her sister. Able continues on with his murdering. The sister follows him around and tries to find out about his life. Eventually, he finishes his movie and he gets a great review for it. He tries to kill everyone who came to see his movie and the movie totally disintegrates from then on.

I hated this film. I just could not like it at all. It was  just badly made and I didn't think that any of the actors were convincing. It is so bad that I am not going to rate it. I would avoid this one at all costs if you are looking for a good movie because this is NOT good. In fact, it is bloody awful. You have been warned....I have included a picture of Sasha Grey above who starred in this movie. If you want to see more of her, then you might consider this movie, but it's  up to you!!!!


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