Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dark Rage Movie Review 139

Dark Rage is a British horror movie starring Christopher Dunne, Christopher Dane and Sarah Akehurst and it is directed by Lee Akehurst.

The story begins with a man called Ned (Dunne) who is a landlord and who works in a call centre. He seems like a mild- mannered normal man but he isn't. He just happens to be a serial killer. He has  daughter called Lucy(Kay Taylor). There is another guy called Paul(Dane) who is a total sleazebag and he just happens to be a serial killer too. What are the odds? A young couple move into the building and they bring their own problems with them. There is something seriously wrong in the building and when there are two serial killers living there, you would have to ask yourself, why me????

There is the inevitable showdown between mild- mannered Ned and psychotic Paul and there is some blood and gore in this movie. I must warn you that this film is not very good at all. If you are looking for a great horror film, look elsewhere because I just about sat through this without turning it off. I have to admit that I did press the fast forward button as some parts of this were terrible. I am guessing that this was made on a very low budget and it shows. I usually like low budget horrors but this is just crappy, I have to say. I am not a snob, but this movie is awful by any standards and it is best avoided. I would never dream of watching this again and I would not recommend it to anybody. On that note, I am giving this a 1/10 and that is being generous!!!


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