Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hell's Kitchen, Season 7, Episode 13

We are down to four chefs now and it is getting very close to the end. Who will it be??? Holli, Jay, Ben and Autumn are left after Jason was axed.

So, the remaining chefs are treated to a dish made by Chef Ramsay. He cooks them Monk fish and they have to reproduce the dish. But, there is a catch. They each have to teach some guys who cannot cook how to cook this dish(Watch the video clip). Ben can't communicate so he doesn't really work too well. Autumn messes it up too as her guy doesn't know anything about the dish and it is obvious that she didn't teach him anything. Jay does very well and his guy does very well indeed. Chef Ramsay is very impressed. Holli does well too. Jay wins the challenge and he gets to choose a person to go with him. He chooses Holli obviously and the other two aren't happy, especially Ben. They get to go up in a blimp and they have fun together.

So, back to dinner service...Chef Ramsay tells them to decide which section they want to do that night. They each choose what they want and get to work. Jay and Holli are doing very well but Holli begins to fall apart on her fish station. Jay messes up too. Their good work doesn't last long. Ben shuts down yet again and he goes very quiet. Chef Ramsay is very annoyed with him. Ben isn't as good as he makes out. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets kicked off soon. Autumn can't cook her garnish at all and Chef Ramsay threatens to throw her out of the kitchen. Ben begins to fall apart again. The team eventually works together and they finish off well.

They have to choose two people to go home and Autumn and Benjamin get chosen for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, neither of them go home as Chef Ramsay decides to spare them. He brings in their families instead. I was hoping that Autumn or Ben would go home as they are the weakest chefs now and I think that no amount of arrogance will keep Ben in the competition......Until next week..


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