Monday, September 6, 2010

Amanda's Horror Years-1988

I am back with another year and another batch of horror movies. This week, I picked 1988 for no reason, I just picked this year off the top of my head...It is fun looking back and remembering some good movies, some of which I haven't seen in a while. It is a good excuse to dust off those old DVD's and indulge in some horror movie nostalgia!

1988 was a great year for sequels and that is why I am going to lead with them this time. Firstly, there were some old faithful's present. These were Friday the 13th Part 7, Halloween 4 and Nightmare on Elm Street 4!!
Some sequels which were pretty decent.A very good sequel released this year was Hellbound:Hellraiser 2. This was a great movie and it was a great companion to the original.Phantasm 2 made an appearance in this year and the silver balls were still flying around..Poltergeist 3 put the trilogy to bed....Critters 2 provided some comedy along with horror.Howling 4 saw more werewolves running around the place...Fright Night 2 was a good sequel too...Sleepaway Camp 2 returned us to Camp Arawak and there is plenty of fun in this comedy/horror. Return of the Killer Tomatoes was just pure fun and laughs as was Return of the Living Dead Part 2...

Onto more serious movies, American Gothic was a horror movie from this year about a group of young people who happen upon a strange family of weirdos and the killing start..Child's Play was about a doll called Chucky and you know the rest!!!Maniac Cop gave police officers a bad name as he killed first and asked questions later!!!Pin was an interesting thriller/horror and I wrote a review of that here...They Live was directed by John Carpenter and starred the then WWF wrestler, Roddy Piper..That movie was good and it is a cult classic at this stage.Waxwork, Brain Damage and the Lair of the White Worm were more horror flicks. A pretty good made-for-TV horror/thriller was I Saw What You Did and it starred Shawnee Smith.Wes Craven gave us the voodoo horror movie, The Serpent and the Rainbow, starring Bill Pullman. Monkey Shines was about a young man who is paralysed but has a monkey as his helper which seems fine until the monkey develops a mind of its own... And for the last two movies, I have included Watchers starring Corey Haim and The Seventh Sign with Demi Moore..

So, there are some great movies for you to watch or forget about, it's up to you, but there are some good entries this year. It is hard to believe that it was twenty-two years ago now!


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