Thursday, September 16, 2010

C.H.U.D. Movie Review 146

So what is C.H.U.D?It stands for Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller. That is quite a mouthful...This movie is from 1984 and  it is a cult classic by now..

So, the movie begins with people being dragged into the sewer by some unseen monster. George Cooper(John Heard) is a photographer  who is streetwise and  he knows some of the homeless people who live underground. His girlfriend is Lauren who he lives with. George is trying to take pictures of the most destitute people in the city and he wants to see it all. Enter a cop called Captain Bosch(Christopher Curry) who is investigating  all of the recent missing persons cases and he goes underground to meet  Reverend Shepherd(Daniel Stern). Sherpherd is a bit of a weirdo and he tries to help the homeless people as much as he can. He runs a shelter for them and he feeds them too. Shepherd thinks that there is something strange going on with the sewers and he tells Bosch that he thinks that it is a government cover up. Meanwhile, there are men from the nuclear comission talking about monsters that live down in the sewers. It turns out that they were once human but were contaminated by toxic waste and turned into creatures who kill.

George and Shepherd look through the sewers and they find gear that belonged to the guys from the nuclear comission who had been checking through the sewers a while back. There are no bodies. They realise that the monsters are eating anyone who comes near the sewers and now that they are running low on food, they are coming up to the surface and attacking at will. George, Bosch and Shepherd get trapped down in the sewers and they have to try and survive as the creatures attack.....

This movie was good fun and I can see why it is a cult classic. There is a lot to like about this 80's horror movie. I would highly recommend it for a good watch. This gets 7/10.


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