Friday, September 3, 2010

For Sale By Owner Movie Review 144

For Sale By Owner is a 2009 horror movie starring Scott Cooper and Tom Skerritt. It is directed by Robert J Wilson.

Will Custis(Cooper) is a guy who restores old houses. He is living with Anna(Rachel Nichols). Her dad(Tom Skerritt) is some history guy or something like that and he does not like Will. Will is receiving some award for his work on an old house which is a historical monument now. He sees an ad for a house which is for sale and it is for sale by owner(hence the movie title!) and it is out in the middle of nowhere(naturally!) in some weird place. He drives down to meet with the owner, Ferlin Smith(Kris Kristofferson). He meets with him and when he sees the house, he wants to buy it an restore it. Mr.Smith sells it to him and he sets about renovating it himself. Anna is not so keen but she goes along with him.

Will moves into it and he sees the local weirdos hanging around. He hears children laughing and sees someone running around.  He finds a crucifix in the woods and some graves. Then while he is at the local doctor, he mentions about Mr. Smith and the doctor tells him that Ferlin Smith has been dead for years. Will is shocked and he tries to find the bill of sale, but it has disappeared. He is confused and worried. He goes down to the basement and he finds a wall with pictures and writing on it. It is very old. He shows Anna the crucifix he found and Anna shows it to her dad who is very interested in it. Will meets an old guy who offers to help him do up the house. He tells him that he would be glad of the help. Anna drops in and she wants Will to stop what he is doing in the house as it is having a weird effect on him. He won't.

Anna's dad brings friends of his to see the basement painting and they are all interested in it. They head off into the woods to see what they can find. Meanwhile, Will finds out that the house was in his family for years and he is amazed at this. Everything seems so familiar to him...Anna's dad and his pals find bones in the woods and an age old secret is revealed....

This movie was okay. It was nothing special. There are a few thrills, but it is not very scary. I have seen worse, though and this will pass an hour and a half nicely. I am giving it 5/10.


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