Monday, October 11, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Season 8 Episode 1 Recap

 Can you believe that we are at the start of a new series of Hell's Kitchen once again? They are really churning them out this year but I'm not complaining! Last years winner was Holli.

This year, there are another batch of big-headed cooks who think that they know it all. They are ushered into Hell's Kitchen and they get to meet the man himself, Gordon Ramsay. There is one difference this time and that is Jean Phillipe has gone and been replaced by James, an equally over the top maitre d. So, they are blindfolded and taken somewhere by car.They meet Chef Ramsay in the LA Market where one of them is going to be head chef. So, the usual things happen and we get to meet the chefs. Their first challenge is to make their signature dish and there are some good, bad and terrible. So, in the first service, some strong personalities come to the fore. There is a very unpleasant girl called Sabrina who has the most annoying glasses I have ever seen. There is a large man who is older called Raj and he is a bit slow and puffy. The guys win the challenge and the girls have to clean the kitchen. They are working away when one of the women, Antonia has a problem with her head.She has passed out and the medics look at her and she needs to go to hospital. Service goes on without her and Raj is waiting on tables and is painfully slow.One of the men's team, Trev messes up a salad! Another chef, Boris make the mistake of making fun of Chef Ramsay. He gets yelled at!

Lisa seems totally inept and she is plodding along. The other girls are irritated with her.Trev messes up again.
Sabrina tries to show Chef Ramsay that she is a great cook but she comes off looking like a sneak as the other girls aren't ready yet. Raj is a bit of a fool and he is trying to help in the kitchen but he can't.Lisa is messing up yet again and she seems very weak. Chef Ramsay is not impressed with the teams and he calls them together and tells them that they are very bad and that people are leaving because of their mistakes and their slow work. He tells them to pick two people from each team to go home.The ladies choose Lisa and Sabrina. The men choose Raj and Trev. Lisa ends up getting kicked off(Watch Video). She wasn't up to the challenge. So, I will be back with another episode soon.


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