Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Season 8 Episode 2 Recap

So, last week, Lisa was given the boot and Hell's Kitchen was off to a flying start. Raj was not popular with the guys team. They want him to step up and get working. Sabrina is under fire with the girls team as she tried to screw Nona. She is a very unpleasant person and she doesn't deserve to be in Hell's Kitchen with her attitude. The teams are woken up loudly by Chef Scott and co. They are told to make sushi after bring shown by some master chef. They each have to make it themselves. The girls and guys are teamed up and each team is in with a chance to win some nice knives. The women lose and the men get to go and taste wine(not my idea of fun).

Service begins that evening. Raj is back with his slow, plodding ways and the others are not impressed with him. He seems to think that he will be fighting back, so we will see. Gillian and Vinnie are helping James with the job of maitre d. Vinnie is painfully slow at his orders and the blue team are behind.Raj annoys Chef Ramsay by just standing around. Curtis cannot get his head around the sushi and he is finding it too hard. Emily can't keep up on her meat section and she is holding up Nona. Vinnie makes a huge mistake by telling the customers that they shouldn't order side because it will take too long. Chef Ramsay is furious(Watch Video). He sees Raj making mistake after mistake. Vinnie gets his ass kicked out by Chef Ramsay and he gets time to think about what he did. Emily gets a telling off for sinking her team.

The men's team seems to be disintegrating and Chef Ramsay tries to get them back on track. Melissa makes something that isn't even on order. She is embarrassed. Chef Ramsay puts her out on the floor as maitre d instead of Gillian.Curtis is thrown out because of the sushi problem. Most of the blue team end up upstairs.
The men turn on Raj. They seem to hate him. I know that he is slow but they really hate him. The girls manage too finish dinner service. The men lose and they have to pick two people. They pick Raj and Boris, but Chef Ramsay chooses to send Curtis home.


quizshowbob said...

Thanks. I missed this episode.

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