Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Season 8, Episode 3 Recap

 Last week, Curtis was sent home after he failed to grasp making sushi....

This week, the men's team are demoralised and they wonder why Raj didn't get sent home. Vinnie tries to justify what he did. Raj is on his back and he is irritating everyone. Jillian and Sabrina are bitching about their team. The next morning, the teams are awoken from their sleep by paramedics. They find out that they have to make breakfast for them all. The women pull together and they are sending out their food quickly. The men are another issue. They are slow and their food is really suffering. Emily burns her bacon and looks stupid. The men's tables are wanting their food and the men are painfully slow.Raj messes up his eggs of all things and he answers Chef Ramsay back when he is shouting at him. Needless to say, the girls win the challenge. The men have to  polish glasses and clean the kitchens. They all moan about it.

The guys all turn on Raj again. They all tell him that he sucks. Then they start to argue. I have to say that they are picking on him even if he isn't very stable. None of the guys strike me as being that great at all. There doesn't seem to be any one person who is above the rest this time. Sabrina is such a lazy cow. She doesn't want to do the prep and she doesn't think that she should have to do it. The others are not impressed with her laziness. That night, Hell's Kitchen will be serving cocktails. Trev and Sabrina are chosen to make them. The others are in the kitchen. Raj and Vinnie have to work together and Raj is messing it up already. Jillian asks Emily to taste her dish and she tells her that it needs salt. Jillian adds salt and then the customer sends it back. Raj is in the doghouse again when he clashes with Chef Ramsay.

Melissa isn't cooking her fish well and she gets told off. Raj hands Chef Ramsay raw salmon. Emily is causing mayhem in the kitchen. Raj starts to eat the wasted food much to the disgust of his fellow cooks. Gail's food is on fire and she is day dreaming. Raj cooks too many fish and he uses them all up when Chef Ramsay needs them. Chef Ramsay makes Raj go out and tell the customers that he messed up and they can't have the fish. So, the men's team wins and the women have to choose two people to go home. Emily and Sabrina are up for elimination. In the end, Chef Ramsay sends Raj home  and the men's team are delighted and choosing their next victim....


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