Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Nanny's Secret Movie Review 148

So, My Nanny's Secret is a made-for-TV movie starring Haylie Duff. I wouldn't normally watch some of these types of movies but this one seemed okay, so I gave it a chance.It is directed by Douglas Jackson.

The movie begins with a girl called Claudia (Duff) who is out with her boyfriend Drew(Eric Johnson) and his pal, Jace(Jon McLaren). She gets a call from her brother, Carter(Dillon Casey) who needs her to bail him out of jail.. She bails him out even though this is not the first time. Drew is pissed at Carter for worrying Claudia. We find out that Claudia is a nanny for a wealthy family. She minds their kid, Aidan and she goes to school too.So, Carter is involved in some cocaine deal gone wrong and he needs to be bailed out but Claudia won't help him this time. His partners give him one week to come up with the money or he is dead.

Claudia is at home with the kid and her boss when a burglar breaks in and robs the family. Claudia hides with Aidan in a closet while the robbery is taking place. Aidan's grandfather happens to come in and the burglar shoots him dead. The cops come and take statements etc and  Claudia begins to wonder about Carter. She calls him but he is not answering. She does not tell the cops about him. The cops begin to think that the burglar knew the family and  they discover everything about Carter and his shady past.Needless to say, her boss throws her out and Claudia is left to try and find out if Carter did do it. He swears that he didn't and she wonders about Drew because he has lied to her about where he was that night.

She talks to Drew and asks him about his lie and he confesses that he was with an ex-girlfriend at the time. He was trying to tell her to leave him alone.They find out that Drew's pal, Jace was lying too and that he has come into a lot of money all of a sudden. Claudia finds herself trapped with him and he tries to kill her when he discovers that she knows the truth about him. Drew manages to save her and Jace has no choice but to admit it. Carter is cleared and everything works out great!

This was okay for a TV movie. It was entertaining and there was some action in it. It would pass a couple of hours pleasantly so for that reason, I will give it a 5/10.


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