Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane Movie Review 151

The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane is a thriller starring a young Jodie Foster and Martin Sheen.

Rynn Jacobs(Foster) is a young thirteen year old. She is celebrating her birthday alone. She is living with her dad who happens to be a poet in a house in New England. It is Halloween and she hears a knock to the door, it is a guy called Frank Hallet(Sheen) who is the landlady's son and a pedophile. He shows an unnatural interest in Rynn but she ignores his advances and tries to avoid him. He watches her and is always around...His mother is Cora Hallet(Alexis Smith) and she comes over to see Rynn. She wants some jars and she asks Rynn to get them for her, but it is obvious that she is just snooping around.She is rude to Rynn but Rynn stands up to her and she gets very annoyed.

Rynn meets Officer Miglioriti (Mort Shuman) and he asks her about her dad and he wants to meet him, but she tells him that he is busy and that she can't disturb him. Cora comes back to get her jars and she argues with Rynn again. It results in her going into the basement and seeing something horrible. She gets hit on the head by the basement door and she falls down dead. Rynn tries to cover it up. She leaves Cora in the cellar and hides her umbrella. She tries to drive Cora's car away but she can't start it. A young man called Mario(Scott Jacoby) sees her and he starts chatting to her. He is heading off to a party but tells her he will call back later. He does and he hides the car for her.

They have dinner together and chat. He thinks that Rynn is hiding something from him. It turns out that Mario is the nephew of Officer Miglioriti and when the officer calls by to see Rynn's dad, Mario tells him that her dad has gone to bed and can't be disturbed. Rynn is grateful to him for his lie. Frank Hallet comes by and he asks about his missing mother. He asks Rynn questions and he turns nasty and kills her pet hamster when she won't help him. Mario manages to get rid of him by threatening him with a sword. Rynn confides in Mario about what happened to Cora. She also tells him that she killed her mother with poison because she was abusive. Rynn's dad told her to do it before he killed himself. He provided for his daughter as he was dying of a terminal illness and he was afraid that Rynn's mother would come to get her.

Mario doesn't run away. In fact, they begin a relationship. They become very close and he helps her to bury the bodies of her mother and Cora which were in the cellar. He gets very wet and develops pneumonia and ends up in hospital. Rynn is alone again. She is confronted by creepy Frank that night as he figures out that her dad doesn't exist. He blackmails her. He tells her that he will keep quiet if she gives him sexual favours.Rynn is making tea when she gets the poison her dad left her and puts it into her cup of tea. Frank thinks that she has posioned his cup so he switches them and drinks the poison. He dies as Rynn watches him......

I enjoyed this movie. It was interesting to see Jodie Foster in this movie. I will give it a 7/10.


wreckage3001 said...

Nice description of the story, for some reason I give it 11 out of 10... If you like the movie visit my site. By the way, I would like to recommend to replace your trailer vid with this one is of much better quality.

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