Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Maze Movie Review 153

The Maze is a 2010 straight-to-DVD release, but that shouldn't put you off. It is low budget, but interesting.

The story begins with a group of friends who pull over at the side of the road. They are all telling different stories about this maze which had a killer inside it. They say that he was shot by a cop. They decide to go into a maze at night(WHY????)It is closed and one of them decides that it is a great idea and so enters it. The others follow.
They are having a game of hide and seek inside the maze. What they don't see is the guy in a red jacket who is following them. Something tells you that he isn't in the maze for the fun of it!

The pals see him inside the maze and they find weird things inside the maze like a guillotine. When I spotted that, I just knew that someone was going to get their head chopped off in it.One of the guys, Will(Kyle Paul) confronts him and gets killed. His girlfriend, Alison(Clare Niederpreum) runs away, but she gets caught. The owner shows up and he has a gun with him. He is very angry, but he falls into the hands of the killer and he is taken care of. Jordan(Shalaina Castle) and her friend Cole(Brandon Sean Pearson) find the bodies and they want to get out of the maze. Another pal of theirs, Colin(Tye Nelson) is the next to die. Cole decides to head off to get help, leaving Jordan alone(what the hell????). He meets the killer in red and he gets his head chopped off in the guillotine!!! 

Jordan wanders around looking for Cole. She finds Cole's body and she decides to burn down the maze. The baddie in red chases her and she stabs him and gets away. She goes to the cops and she is in shock. They try to figure out what happened. We find out that the baddie is a cop and he is questioning Jordan at the station. She realises that it is him and tapes his confession to her before he shoots her. The rest of the cops come in and hear it.....This movie was entertaining enough for a low budget affair and it is worth a look if you can get your hands on it. I am giving it a 6/10.


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