Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Walking Dead, Season 1, Episode 1

So,we have been waiting for this new show from AMC called The Walking Dead for ages and we watched it eagerly, hoping that it would not disappoint and it didn't!

The first episode was 90 minutes as it was the season premiere so it begins with a Sheriff looking around . The place looks deserted and there are people dead. Suddenly from nowhere, a young girl comes..The Sheriff wants to help her until he realises what she is.. a zombie!!!Then he just shoots her in the head(like you do!!!!). Thus begins The Walking Dead!!!!!!!

We see that the Sheriff in question is Rick Grimes(Andrew Lincoln). We are shown a flashback to when he was shot. He had a partner called Shane Walsh(Jon Bernthal) and they were the best of friends.Cut to present day and Rick wakes up from his coma. He remembers his pal Shane visiting him. Now, the hospital is deserted and there are dead bodies around. Rick is confused and scared. He goes outside only to see dead bodies lined up outside. He wanders to his home to find his wife Lori and his son Carl, but there is nobody there. He is suddenly hit by a baseball bat. It turns out that he was hit by a young kid who is living with his dad in a house. They fill him in on what has happened. People have been infected by some virus and they are all turning into flesh eating zombies. They ask Rick if he was bitten, but he hasn't been....

They all chat etc and Rick finds out that the man's wife is a zombie and he can't bring himself to kill her. They talk about a refugee centre in Atlanta and Rick figures that his wife and son might be there. So, the Sheriff goes to the police station and loads up on guns, giving some to the other two for protection. They all go their separate ways as Rick is heading to Atlanta to find his family. He tries to find other people with his radio.He gets in contact with a group of survivors who just happen to be his partner, Lori(Sarah Wayne Callies-she was the doctor in Prison Break!) and his son Carl but he can't hear them. There are others too. His wife thinks that Rick is dead and she is getting cosy with Shane. Finally, Rick reaches the city and he thinks that he is fine, but he manages to run into hundreds of zombies. He jumps into a tank with the zombies battering on the outside!!Suddenly, he hears a voice on the radio.....who is it???

This series was developed by Frank Darabont who directed The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and The Mist, all based on works by Stephen King. This show is very well made and it feels like a movie.. We am really impressed with this and we can't wait until the next episode!!!!!!


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