Friday, November 12, 2010

The Walking Dead, Season 1. Episode 2

This series is getting better as it goes along. I know that it is only the second episode, but the quality of it feels like you are watching a film and the story is very like zombie movies I have seen in the past and enjoyed. I like everything about it so I am glad that this show seems to have been renewed for another season!!!

Last week, Sheriff Rick Grimes was trapped in a tank surrounded by hundreds of hungry zombies....A voice came to him over the radio...This week begins with Rick talking to the voice on the radio. They talk about how Rick is going to get out. The guy tells him to run for it... Rick has a gun and he finds a grenade. He decides to open the tank and he runs for it. He meets the guy behind the voice who turns out to be Glenn(Steven Yeun). He leads Rick to safety. It turns out that Glenn has pals with him. They are pissed that Rick has brought all the zombies to them. There is a racist redneck called Merle(Michael Rooker). He is a loose cannon and a bit of a nutcase. He has a gun and the others are afraid that he is going to kill them before the zombies do. He fights with them and Rick thumps him on the head and handcuffs him to a railing on the roof of the department store where the survivors are hiding out.

He talks to the other survivors and they tell him that the refugee centre doesn't exist. They figure out that the sewers are the only way to get out so they decide to go down but there are zombies there too. Meanwhile, the zombies are bashing the doors of the store and getting closer all the time...Rick spots trucks a bit away from the store and he thinks that if they can reach the trucks, maybe they can escape. They can't get to them though. They all realise that the walkers go by their sense of smell and that they can smell fresh meat. If they couldn't, then the humans can fool them into thinking that they are the same as them. They cut up a dead walker and cover themselves in his blood and guts. Rick and Glenn walk through them. I thought that that was a great scene as the two guys mingle with the undead! But, it starts to rain and their undead scent wears off.

Meanwhile, the other survivors camp with Shane and Lori hear the other group on the radio and try to reply, but they can't. Rick's group tell Shane's group that they are in a department store.Shane doesn't want to risk helping them as they will have to move and face the zombies. Glenn and Rick just make it to the truck in time. They drive and go to the store. Glenn makes a diversion by driving a car and making lots of noise to draw the zombies away while the others pack into the truck and drive away...They get away just as the walkers break down the doors and enter the store....The episode ends with Glenn speeding away in his car, shouting for joy...


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