Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Walking Dead Season 1, Episode 3

Last week, we left Glenn driving a car away from the city shouting for joy. The others were in a truck, getting away from the undead. Merle was left on the roof and the others felt guilty about leaving him there.

This week, we begin with Merle talking to himself. He is still stuck on the roof and he can see the walkers coming for him. He looks at the hacksaw and we know that he is going to do some DIY on his arm. Cut back to Sheriff Grimes and the others. They are relieved to have gotten away. At the survivors camp, Shane and Carl are chatting. Suddenly, they hear Glenn's car coming. He is happy to see other survivors. He tells them that there are more survivors coming. Along comes Rick and the others. We find out that one of the Sheriffs gang, Andrea(Laurie Holden), has a sister, Amy(Emma Bell), in the survivors camp and they are reunited. There are other members of the gang who are reunited too.Lori sees Rick and she is amazed. Carl is delighted to see his dad too. Shane is happy, but sad because he knows that his relationship with Lori will have to end.

They all swap stories about what happened to them. Lori and Rick talk about it and they get close again.Unfortunately, Daryl(Norman Reedus) is in the camp too and he just happens to be Merle's brother.
They don't know how to tell him about what happened to Merle. Next day, they see a walker in the woods and they are worried that there will be more.They decide to tell Daryl about Merle and he is pissed. He argues with Rick.Rick decides to go back and get Merle before the walkers get him.Daryl is going with him as well as Glenn and another guy. Lori does not want Rick to go. While they are gone, Lori and Shane talk. Shane told her that Rick was dead and she is very angry with him. Rick and the team reach the rooftop but there is no Merle. All that is left is his bloody hand.....


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