Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hells Kitchen, Season 8 Episode 13 Recap


Last week, Gail was given the boot and rightly so. It was her time to go home..Now there are only four left.

Russell and Gillian bitch about Trev yet again. Then again, Russell bitches about everyone. He is a dick.He thinks that he has it won already. In the challenge, Trev and Gillian are one team and Nona and Russell are another. They  have to come up with a dish which Chef Ramsay tastes. He can tell what ingredients are in the dishes by tasting. He wants the others to do the same thing with his dish.Nona wins the challenge and she gets to go to a spa and relax. The others have to do laundry and prep both kitchens. Nona gets to pick someone to come with her to the spa and she chooses Russell. Gillian is pissed off that she wasn't chosen.

Trev and Gillian want the other two out and they are annoyed that they seem to be ahead all of the time. Chef Ramsay takes Gillian up to his office and has a chat with her. He tells her that she is slipping and she has lost her confidence. He wants her to do better(see video above). That night, service begins.Gillian has a good start. Nona can't seem to cook her risotto properly. She puts too  much pepper into her dish and she has to start all over again. Russell gives Chef Ramsay raw scallops and he flips out. Trev is getting a little behind as he is on the meat station and everyone seems to be ordering meat. Chef Ramsay steps in and helps him out, much to the annoyance of the others. He is going down, but the others don't seem to far behind him.

Russell messes up his fish once again. He is well able to criticise everyone else but when it comes to himself, he seems to think that he is perfect.Russell and Trevor argue once again. That Russell is an ass and he doesn't deserve to remain in the competition. Nona gives Chef Ramsay a dud risotto AGAIN! How is she still in the competition??She messes up a lot. That night, they have to pick two people to go home. They pick Trevor and Russell. I was really hoping that Russell would go, but he didn't. Chef Ramsay decides that they have done so well that nobody will go home..He brings in their families so cue lots of tears etc......No loser this week...


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