Monday, December 20, 2010

Hells Kitchen, Season 8, Episode 14 Recap

Last week, nobody went home. We are down to four chefs again as the competition becomes tougher.

The next morning they are informed that two people will be going home. Their challenge is to create a fusion dish. They get to pick two countries and they have to make the different types of food go together. Some chefs are brought in to judge. Trev's dish is panned. Russell is delighted. Nona's dish is criticised also. Russell the ass is up next. His dish is not liked either. He cannot believe that the chefs would dare criticise him! Gillian has some luck with her dish. For some reason, they like it. She is delighted with her win. She gets to have dinner at some flashy restaurant. The others have to move everything out of the dorms. They are all complaining as usual. Gillian is bragging and she is so irritating. She gets to have dinner with her family too.

In the kitchen, Russell is throwing his weight around and bugging Trevor. He just comes across as a total creep. That night, each chef is getting  a chance to run the pass. They are all delighted. First up is Russell. He shouts his way through service. He has no communication skills at all. He is not a leader, he is a bully. Nona is next and she doesn't spot the deliberate sabotage of one of the dishes by Chef Scott. Trevor steps up to the pass and he spots the sabotage straight away. He is totally disrespected by the others. They just ignore him.
He is having a hard time. Gillian is last but she shouts way too loud. She gets carried away and the others are irritated by it. She doesn't spot the sabotage at all. Trev is having a hard time as Gillian screams at him. He gets a tongue lashing from Ramsay also.

That night, they have to choose two people to go home. In the end, Trevor and Gillian end up getting the chop so the two finalists are Russell(boo) and Nona.....


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