Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hell's Kitchen, Season 8, Episodes 11 and 12 Recap

So last week, we said goodbye to Vinnie and this week we are down to 6 chefs and it is really getting to the final stages..Firstly, episode 11...

Trev is determined to stay in the competition and he realises that the others are going to try and screw him, but he is going to stay whatever the cost. They get their black jackets and they are all delighted. Next morning,they have to make a dish and they are being judged by some chefs. They are going to be given points out of 100 and the chef who gets the most wins the challenge. Russell manages to get a 100 and nobody else can come close. The others perform very badly in comparison. Russell gets to go on a tour of the LA market restaurant. He gets to choose someone to come with him and he chooses Gail. They go off and the other four are prepping kitchens and cleaning the dorms. In prep, the girls are asking him question after question and he is getting pissed off with them.

That night, Nona is going out of the floor to do table service so they are down one team member. The team is working together in the kitchen, but Sabrina is disappointing. Gail is in the same boat and they are holding everything up. Trev is trying to do his best, but he cannot cook his pasta. Trev is getting very vocal and Chef Scott has to put him in his place. Sabrina and Trev clash once again and they are really messing everything up. They can't seem to get along. Gail cannot cook her fish properly. She is really poor and I can't see how she is still in Hell's Kitchen. Every week, she messes it up. Cher Ramsay is irritated with Sabrina and he thinks that she has given up. Gillian screws up too and Chef Ramsay is disappointed with them all. He throws them all of out of the kitchen.They have to choose two people to go home and they choose Sabrina and Trev. Sabrina finally gets the boot!!!!Yay!!!!!

Episode 12 began with 5 chefs left. Sabrina went home and Trevor got another chance. Gail knows that she is on borrowed time. Russell is badmouthing everyone as usual. He comes across as an asshole...Their challenge is making lunch in a van for the people working in the offices nearby. The winner is the one whose dish is the most popular with the customers. Gail ends up winning the challenge. Russell's dish ended up being the least favourite. He is his usual arrogant self and refuses to accept that he made the wrong choice. Gail gets a makeover and the others have to sweep the front of Hell's Kitchen and clean the outside.

That night, Gillian is against Gail and so are the others. She knows that she has to do well that night or she is going home. Gillian starts off badly and she cannot cook her scallops. There are some marines in the dining room and they are all hungry!Paris Hilton shows up too(yes she DOES eat). Gail is very slow on her station and she is holding everyone up. This sets Chef Ramsay off and he leaves the kitchen. The chefs have to do it themselves as he walks away.Trev cant seem to cook his meat and he gets hassle from the others over it. Chef Ramsay comes back to the kitchen. Gail gets thrown out of the kitchen because she is useless. The others pull together and finish service.

They have to choose two people to go home and they choose Trev(again) and Gail. Finally, Chef Ramsay sees sense and fires Gail..She couldn't handle it and I am glad she has gone home....


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