Monday, December 6, 2010

Naked Fear Movie Review 154

Naked Fear is a 2007 horror movie directed by Thom Eberhardt. It stars Danielle De Luca.

The movie begins with a naked woman running through a field. She is being hunted by someone. She is eventually tracked down and killed. Cut to a girl called Diana(De Luca). She is a dancer who comes to a town in New Mexico. She has a job set up for her.She meets Sheriff Benike(Joe Mantegna).We find out that there is a new deputy Sheriff in town. He is called Dwight(Arron Shiver) and he and his wife have moved to New Mexico. He is looking at all of the missing cases and a lot of them are prostitutes. Women are disappearing in the area. Diana realises that her new job is not what she thought and she has to strip.

Diana is trying to save enough money to get out of New Mexico and she has to come on to men to get more cash. She has to prostitute herself to earn lots more. She makes the mistake of meeting a man who just turns out to be a killer. He subdues her and takes her off in his car. She wakes up naked in a remote location. She realises that there is a hunter after her and she is the prey.The movie is then taken up with Diana trying to escape from her hunter. Dwight begins to suspect that there is something going on when Diana disappears and he looks into it. He snoops around a local man, Colin(J.D. Garfield) and disocvers that he is dodgy. He tells the Sheriff but he doesn't believe him.

Meanwhile, Diana stumbles upon some kids and their dad who are camping and she is taken in by them. Colin follows her and he kills them. She gets caught by Colin, but she fights him and bites his ear. She also stabs him in the leg. The Sheriff wonders about Colin. Diana is hunted again and she meets two guys in a van. They take her into their van, but Colin shoots the tyres. They run. Diana jumps into the van and she hits Colin with it. She backs over him a few times to make sure that he is dead. The cops go to Colin's house where they find lots of evidence of his crimes. Diana escapes. The movie ends with a twist which is a bit lame, but overall, this movie was not that bad. It is worth a watch. I will give it a 5/10.


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