Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Walking Dead, Season 1, Episode 5

Last week ended with Amy dying when the Walkers came and overran the camp. This week begins with Rick using his radio to get in conact with the first person he met in the first episode, Morgan. He gets no reply but he tells him where they are in case he can hear. The others in the camp try to move Amy, but Andrea is sitting by her side and she will not let anybody touch her. Daryl wants to put a bullet in Amy's head before she turns into a Walker.They also discover that Jim got bitten by a Walker during the attack. Some of them want to kill him, but Rick wonders if there is a cure out there. He wants to find the Centre for Disease Control or CDC and try and get Jim cured.

Amy finally changes into a Walker and Andrea has to kill her before the transformation is complete. Shane and Rick argue as Shane blames Rick for leaving to go and look for Merle. He thinks that if Rick had been at the camp, they would have been better equipped to fight the Walkers. Meanwhile, Jim is feeling sick and he is getting worse. Rick and Shane discuss going to look for the CDC and they tell the whole group about it. Some of them decide to go with them and others are going to make their own plans. Rick speaks into the radio to Morgan and tells him of his plans. There is no answer but he hopes that he might hear.

They all take off after saying their goodbyes to the ones who are not leaving.They have Jim in the back of the winnebago.He is getting worse and worse as the journey continues. Their winnebago breaks down and they have to stop.Jim tells them to leave him on the side of the road as he wants to die there. They don't want to leave him, but he insists. They have to go in their cars. Cut to a video of a guy underground in a lab. He is doing tests and he is talking to the camera.He manages to destroy his samples of the Walkers and he is annoyed. He is considering suicide when he sees people in his camera. They are outside his building which just happens to be the CDC. It is Rick and co. Rick beats the door trying to get inside. The guy opens the door for them.....


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