Tuesday, December 7, 2010

WWE Monday Night Raw Review - What did you think?

Monday Night Raw starts off with the obligatory look back at what happened last week where Michael Cole interfered in Jerry Lawlers match.So out comes Cole begging forgiveness from the King.Its CM Punk and The King on commentary but of course somehow Cole spins things around so that in his opinion The King should give an apology to Cole!! Hilarious!! Then we get an Email from The Raw GM and Punk has a great time giving the catchphrases of "I have an email from the General Manager" and "I Quote" The Email says that they cannot show any physicality and that they both should shake hands in the ring much to Kings dismay.They shake but King holds on to Coles hand while out comes.......Randy Orton!

 The Viper is back! He missed last weeks Raw due to a supposed Knee injury.Of course he is in a bad mood as Cole always cheers on the Miz! Cole does great as a nervous weasel in front of Orton as Orton explains he wants a title match....tonight!! Cue Miz and Alex Riley as they gloat over Miz winning again.Miz says he has the night off....Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww but Alex Riley will step in to take on the Viper......Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Riley says something about Randy Orton going ARi....maybe its his initials to sound like Awry and Orton says he didnt know what Riley meant but theres one thing he can still do......then he promptly RKO's Michael Cole!!! Good opening to the nights events!!!

Now we see Josh Mathews has joined commentary.The first match of the night was Ted Dibiase Jnr with the beautiful Maryse (Check out that link....wow!)  against Daniel Bryan and one of the Bella twins.Daniel Bryan continues with his Popular nerd gimmick and he is a great wrestler.He wins when the twins switch places as twins tend to do! Then we see Maryse seemingly dump Dibiase in the ring as she shows him the hand and walks off.He probably would prefer to get a hand rather than see it but its unlucky him! Next its a video package of what happened with Cena and the Nexus last week and Cena had vowed to be there tonight! Punk attempts to ask Barrett by satellite a question but its just David Otunga in his hotel room as Barrett is on his way to the arena.How nice of him to drop by!! In the middle of Otungas yapping comes a tapping on the door.He says its his food but Cena could be around.......no its just a waiter with cold food! He throws him out but then another tapping...Its John Cena!! Its funny when he says Hey!! in a fake greeting and then he beats up Otunga! In comes Husky Harris to help but he gets an awful beating as Otunga runs out the door!! Good Stuff!!

Back to the ring its Tyson Kidd Vs David Hart Smith but Kidd is accompanied by a huge guy who reminds me of Diesel/Kevin Nash with short hair! Kidd wins by holding the tights in a roll up and King quite rightly says its only cheating if you get caught!! Hart Smith attempts to get to Kidd but the unnamed big guy takes care of him by clotheslining him in the ring and Tyson celebrates over him.This reminded me of HBK and Diesel so we will see how this progresses......

At the back we see Wade Barrett with Gabriel and Slater arguing about Cena.In comes Otunga out of breath from running and afraid! Wade orders Gabriel and Slater to go out and defend their titles but Otunga warns him he may have a mutiny unless he takes care of Cena.

So its a Fatal 4 way Tag team elimination match involving Heath/Slater against Mark Henry/Yoshi Tatsu,the Usos and every ones favourites.....Santino and Koslov!! Punk comes out with a very funny line calling Santino the WWE's version of Jar Jar Binks! LOL!!! The match continues as Josh and Punk seem to be arguing for real on the play by play but maybe they are just messing around.Inevitably out comes John Cena from underneath the ring to a huge reaction and his distraction helps Santino and Koslov to win the Tag team titles! They celebrate in the ring as Tamina joins them!! 

Next up is the 2010 King of the Ring Sheamus for his Coronation.As I'm Irish I think Sheamus is great! He sits on his throne and talks about being the High King and Brian Boru who was a famous Irish King.Out comes John Morrison and he makes fun of Sheamus.Bad Morrison, Bad!! LOL! Sheamus demands Morrison bow down before him so Morrison drops down to pay homage to him.Well OK, that didnt happen but Sheamus slaps him when he refuses so Morrison attacks him and throws him into his throne! Has he no respect?!  Sheamus lands outside as Morrison celebrates! This was very good as it elevates their feud up high and makes Morrison look good after losing in the final.No return yet of Triple H though!

Next up is Natalya against Melina as Lay-Cool join the commentary.Natalya wins by Sharpshooter and Lay-Cool attack her.Punk has a great line about how when he was a kid he never had bullies that looked like them! lol!! Backstage MizRKO, Miz gives him a Skull-Crushing-Finale! Miz goes on Mic and says he will show Orton what type of match it will be now.He pulls out and sets up a table in the ring and gets Orton ready to go through it.But Orton powers out before he does and Miz runs away to the top of the stage.Of course Alex Riley is still there and Orton Power Bombs him through the table! Very good!!

Then theres Wade Barrett out in the ring on the Mic saying Cena should join him in the ring.Punk makes some good jokes about wheres security as Cena comes through the crowd into the ring.Wade says if he is threatened by Cena, Nexus will come down from the top of the stage and beat up Cena.He says he will never rehire Cena so Cena should quit attacking.But Cena says he is enjoying attacking the Nexus so he doesnt mind!! Barrett takes something Cena said as a threat and calls Nexus down....Uh oh!! But they refuse to obey and walk away to the back!! Cena attacks Wade and beats him up!! He gets the announcers table ready to put Barrett through it but Wade gets away by running to the back! Cena celebrates with the fans as we see Barrett catch up with the rest of the Nexus in the back.He demands to know what happened and Otunga says if he doesn't rehire Cena next week then Barrett is out of the Nexus!!! We fade out as we see Barretts surprised face..................

This was a very entertaining Raw as there was a few things going on and it was nicely tied together at the end.Having Morrison look good is a good move so his feud with Sheamus will keep developing.Santino and Koslov are very funny so its good to see them as Tag team Champs and any show that has Daniel Bryan in it with commentary from CM Punk is great! I think Punk may have got annoyed with Josh as he referred to Daniel Bryan as Bryan Danielson and Josh corrected him.That was an easy mistake to make though.Cena is still incredibly popular and his ongoing battle with Barrett and the Nexus is very good.Orton made his return so he is OK and Miz was great on the Mic as usual.Overall it was a good show so tell me what YOU thought of it now!! Do you like the current story lines??


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