Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hells Kitchen Season 8 Finale!

So after all this time, we are down to two chefs- Russell and Nona. I don't particularly like either one of them, but Russell is an ass, so I was backing Nona. Some of the other chefs came back to help them in their final task.

The two chefs congratulate each other and then they work on their own menus with the sous chefs. They both have to come up with some great food. Nona and Russell go off in a helicopter around L.A. with Chef Ramsay. They have a last challenge to cook some dishes and they will be judged by chefs. Russell wins the final challenge.The two finalists get to pick people for their teams. Russell chooses Sabrina,Gillian, Vinnie and Rob. Nona has Trevor, Gail, Melissa and Boris. Vinnie seems very pissed at Russell and he doesn't want to help him to win. Russell knows this and he is worried that Vinnie is going to screw him. Nona is worried about Boris. He is very slow.

Service begins and Russell is barking orders at his team. They don't respond well. Vinnie is dragging his feet and he seems disinterested. Trev is messing up the salads and Nona has a word with him. Sabrina is taking matters into her own hands and screwing Russell. He shouts at her and he tries to motivate her. Nona is pissed at Boris who can't get his times right. He is serving raw fish. Russell is trying to do too much too fast and he is rushing everyone. He is messing it all up.Food  starts coming back uncooked. Melissa goes to pieces in Nona's kitchen. Russell is getting mad at Rob.  He starts arguing with him in the kitchen and it looks terrible. Chef Ramsay sees that and is not impressed.

Both teams work hard and the food is served. Russell expects to win and he says so. He thinks that he is the best.....Unfortunately for him, he is not the chef he thinks he is and Nona is announced as Season 8 winner(watch the video) !! Russell sulks and he makes threats once again. He deserved to lose and I am glad that he did.... So that is another season of Hell's Kitchen over with!


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