Sunday, January 16, 2011

Two:Thirteen Movie Review 159

 Two:Thirteen  is a horror movie directed by Charles Adelman and starring Mark Thompson and Mark Pellegrino.

The movie begins with a woman being tortured.The killer puts a mask on his victims and kills them. There are no prints left at the scene. A cop, Russell Spivey(Thompson) is on the case. He is a lonely detective who  has some demons. The cops set up a task force when  a victim's husband received an email saying 'I Miss You' . The detective looks into it. We find out that the Spivey is attending a therapist and he has been traumatised by something that happened in his childhood.This guy, John Tyler(Pellengrino) gets another email from his wife. Meanwhile, the killer is murdering more victims.

Spivey tries to connect the murders and it looks as if it is a serial killer. The killer always leaves a limb behind.
The killer begins using Tyler to communicate with the cops. The detective seems to be cracking up under the stress of the case.He has a thing about masks and he finds it all too much. He delves into the case. He has a pal, Amanda(Teri Polo) and the killer is after her now.  He tries to kill her, but Spivey saves her and the killer is caught. The ending just doesn't seem to make any sense.....If you watch it, then see what you think. I was not very impressed with this...It gets a 4/10.


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