Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Late Fee Movie Review 168

Late Fee is a 2009 horror movie directed by John Carchietta and Carl Morano. It stars nobody you would know...

The movie begins with a couple going to a DVD store on Halloween night. They pick up two horror movies and the owner(Rick Poli) says that he will only rent them out if they promise to return them by midnight. He says that there is a severe penalty for them if they do not. They take the DVD's, thinking that the owner is joking with them. They return home and start watching them. The first movie is called The Pick Up and it is about a woman(Georgia Kate Haege) hitching a ride with a pervy guy(Chris Cusano). It turns out that he has hired her from some website and that they are going to a motel for sex. She brings him to a strange motel and they meet the owner(Sergio Jones) who seems to know her well. The guy is a bit nervous. When they go into the motel room, the owner locks them in and covers the doors so that there is no way out for the man. They get down to business but the woman turns out to be some sort of creature and she kills the man. She heads off, leaving the motel owner to clean up. It is obvious that this has happened before. The motel owner takes the body and dumps it for her. She moves on to her next victim.

The second movie is called Damnation and it is about a woman, Justine(Kerri Miller) who is driving along when she is followed by a cop car. She pulls over and she is confronted by a lady cop who handcuffs her and takes her to jail. Some guy takes her car away as she is driven away. She is injected with something and when she wakes up, she is in a prison. She gets a sham trial and she is sentenced to death for some crime that she doesn't know about. She is angry and she is thrown into a cell. There is another girl in the next cell and they talk. The girl is pregnant. There are all sorts of weird things happening in the jail. There is a mad doctor(Chris Cusano) working on the girls and doing experiments. We see that there are guys bidding online for Justine.
She is sold to some guy who takes her out. She begs him to help her, but he doesn't. He brings her back to the jail again....

The couple realise that it is after midnight and they have not returned the tapes. They order a pizza and when it comes, it is disgusting. There is a brick thrown through their window with a note. It says that they have broken the rules. The owner of the movie store comes in with his buddies and they are murdered.It turns out that someone has made a movie about the couple and it is for rent in the DVD store. Some kid rents it and he is warned that he better return it by midnight or he will pay the price....

Not a bad movie. There were some funny moments in this. It is kind of like a Twilight Zone episode or like Creepshow with the different tales, but it is worth a watch. I am giving it a 6/10.


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