Friday, February 18, 2011

Road Kill a.k.a. Road Train Movie Review 167

Road Kill or Road Train is a 2010 Australian horror movie directed by Dean Francis. It stars Bob Morley who used to play Drew Curtis in Home and Away ,Xavier Samuel,Georgina Haig and Sophie Lowe.

The movie begins with four friends travelling by car through the Aussie outback. They are Craig(Morley), Marcus(Samuel), Liz(Haig) and Nina(Lowe). They are having a good time when they spot a huge truck behind them hauling two trailers. It is known as a Road Train. They think that it is going to pass them out but instead, it hits their car. They begin to panic. They pass it out, but it comes up behind them again and hits them. This time, it pushes them off the road and they crash. Craig is hurt. His arm is broken. The rest of them are fine. They have some supplies in their car. They see the truck parked on the road. There doesn't seem to be anyone around it. They wonder why it stopped. Liz and Craig go over to the truck to see if the driver is there, but there isn't anybody in it. Marcus sits into the cab and the others come over to him. Suddenly, they hear gunshots and see some weird guy running at them with a gun. He starts shooting at them. They climb into the truck and Marcus drives away.

They drive a little way and then they all fall asleep suddenly. Even Marcus dozes off. They wake up in some remote area, totally unaware of how they got there. The others think that Marcus drove them there, but he doesn't remember anything.Now the truck won't start and they can't reverse as the truck is too large. Liz remembers seeing a shack way back and she and Marcus head off to find it but have an argument and split up. Liz finds the shack, but there isn't anything there. Marcus runs into the crazy psycho and they have a fight or something. Marcus turns up at the truck wearing the guy's jacket and he has the gun. Craig finds a key to the trailer and he enters one of them. The door closes behind him and he gets locked in. When he emerges, he looks different. His arm seems to be a lot better. Nina is looking for Craig and can't see him. Liz arrives back at the truck and they meet Marcus who seems to have lost the plot. He comes at them and Nina hits him over the head, knocking him out.They tie him up and leave him under the truck.Nina and Liz try and start the truck up. They can't see Craig.

He finally shows up and meets Marcus who has come to. He releases him from under the truck but kills him.
Craig sees Liz and he talks to her, telling her that he has found what they need but there is only enough for him and Liz not Nina. He takes her into the trailer. Nina is alone and she can't find anyone. Suddenly, Craig appears and he tries to get her into the trailer too, but she tricks him and locks him in. She starts the truck and she manages to get it onto the road, then suddenly stops it for some stupid reason.She decides in her wisdom to go into the other trailer and she finds out that the truck is running on human bodies.. She runs back to the truck and starts driving, but Craig and Liz somehow get out and tackle her. She throws Liz out onto the road, killing her. Craig and Nina struggle for control, but hit a car. Nina wakes up and she finds Craig dragging her into the trailer. He tries to put her into a grinder to fuel the truck, but she escapes. He follows her and catches her. She gets the gun and shoots him dead. Someone takes the truck and drives off in it, leaving Nina to wander the roads. She goes back to where the car crashed and she gets a blanket and some water. She finds a fold up chair and sits on it. Presumably, she is waiting to be rescued..


This movie was not bad at all. It was enjoyable. There were a lot of holes in the plot such as how did Marcus escape from the psycho with his gun and his jacket? These things are not explained and it can irritate you. Another thing I found annoying was the stupid things that they did. Why did Liz wander to the shack? There was nobody there and they couldn't get help. All she got was an old can of soup. Why did Nina stop the truck when she had it running smoothly? Oh, I don't know why there are so many plot holes in this movie, but I wouldn't really let it spoil it though. Out of a LOT of straight to DVD releases I have seen, this is not bad at all and it is worth watching. I am giving it a 5/10.


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