Thursday, February 10, 2011

Slaughter High Movie Review 165

Slaughter High is a 1986 slasher movie. It is directed by George Dudgale, Mark Ezra and Peter Litten. It stars Simon Scuddamore, Caroline Munro and Billy Hartman.

The movie begins on April Fools Day. A nerd called Marty(Scuddamore) is led to the locker rooms by Carol(Munro). She is a very pretty girl and Marty is a total nerd so you know that something bad is going to  happen. It turns out that she is pretending to like him and then her horrible friends turn up and they embarrass the poor guy. We see that Carol and her group are the popular kids and they love picking on Marty. They get caught by the coach  and they get punished. For some weird reason, they think that it is Marty's fault and one of them, Skip(Carmine Iannaccone) fiddles with Marty's chemistry project causing a terrible accident in which Marty is burned by acid and his face is disfigured. The cool kids are stunned and seem to realise what they have done...

Cut to a few years later and the old gang are back together for a reunion. They were all invited to the old school where they terrorized Marty years before. None of them know who sent the invitations. They head into the school and there is food and drink set up for them. Their lockers have been set up and Marty's locker is there too. Someone is in the school with them and this person is wearing a jokers mask over his face. It is almost April Fool's Day and the group begin to get killed one by one in inventive ways. They all begin to wonder if it is Marty come back to get his revenge on them. They try to escape but someone has made sure that they can't get very far. Finally they are all killed except for Carol. She is faced with the killer, who turns out to be....Marty!!!!We think that this is the end of the movie, but then the 'twist' is that Marty dreamed all of this from his bed in the hospital. Suddenly, he attacks a nurse and then starts pulling at his face, tearing off the flesh.....End of movie..

Not a bad horror movie. The group of kids were obnoxious and you didn't feel sorry when they met a nasty end. Interesting fact- the guy who played Marty killed himself shortly after this movie was made....Anyway, this is a decent horror and it deserves a 7/10.


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