Monday, February 28, 2011

Vanishing on Seventh Street Movie Review 169

Vanishing on Seventh Street is a 2010 thriller directed by Brad Anderson who also directed The Machinist. It stars Hayden Christensen, Thandie Newton and John Leguizamo.

Paul(Leguizamo) is working in a cinema and he is running the movie when suddenly everything goes dark. He is wearing a little torch on his head and he makes his way out of the screening room and into the aisles. Everyone has gone. There is nothing left but their clothes. He meets another guy who has a torch and they look around. Suddenly, he is gone. A guy called Luke (Christensen) wakes up and he realises that there is no power. He wanders outside and sees that there are no people around. He wonders what is going on. He goes to the news station where he worked and he looks for his girlfriend but she is not there.

Cut to 72 hours later and Luke is running through the dark with lights around him.He finds a bar with lights on and he enters it. He goes down into the basement and finds lots of supplies and a generator. Suddenly, a young kid pulls a gun on him. It turns out that the kid is called James and he was with his mother but she left to find more survivors and she hasn't returned. His mother worked in the bar and he was there when the power went out. Luke wants to move because there is less daylight every day and the generator isn't going to last. The darkness is killing people and the light is the only thing keeping them alive. In comes Rosemary(Newton) who is looking for her child. She has glow sticks around her neck and arms to keep her safe. They hear someone shouting for help.

Paul is outside in a bus shelter with light and she is shouting for someone to help. Luke goes and gets him just in time. They run back inside the bar before the darkness gets them. Rosemary was a doctor and she helps Paul who is injured. Paul thinks that he was taken somewhere by the darkness and he was gone for  3 days.
They wonder what happened with the light going and the shadows killing people. The lights are flickering in the bar and they have to take the pressure off the generator by turning some stuff off.Luke passes a truck earlier which was kind of working and he wants to jump start it by  attaching it to the generator. They can drive off then. 

Luke and Rosemary head off to get the truck, leaving Paul and James in the bar. Paul ends up dead when the lights go out.James is alone and the lights are dimming.Rose gets duped into thinking that her child in alive and she finds herself swallowed up by the dark.Luke comes back and finds James. They get into the truck and they manage to hook it to the generator. It works and they drive off. James decides to get out and go into the church to find his mother, but she is not there. He sits in the middle of some candles, trying to stay alive. He falls asleep and when he wakes, he is alone. He suddenly sees some young girl who is living in the church. They head off into the sunset together...

Not a bad movie with a good story. Some of the decisions made by the characters were beyond stupid, but I still enjoyed this film. It is getting a 6/10.


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