Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2011 Remakes and Rumours...

It seems as if every year, there are more and more remakes of movies, especially in horror. I guess that there aren't too many original ideas floating around in Hollywood. It occurs to me that the lower budget, straight to DVD horrors can be better than these big blockbuster crappy movies. I trawled through the net looking for some remakes. Some of them might not yet happen, but I am going to include them anyway.....So, have a look and let me know your feelings about these 're-imaginings' of our favourite movies! If I have already mentioned some of these, I apologise!

Firstly, there were rumours of a remake of the classic 1981 movie An American Werewolf in London. I watched this recently and I don't like the thought of anyone messing with it. The classic Angel Heart starring Mickey Rourke and Robert De Niro is also supposed to be remade..Ugh....Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds is going to be desecrated also..The Psycho remake comes to mind...Shudder....Rob Zombie is going to remake another classic horror The Blob. So does that make it a remake of a remake? Cronenberg's The Brood is set to be remade. Oh I just can't wait for that one...NOT!

Remember Child's Play? Well, you will be seeing a whole new version of this killer doll horror movie. When, I don't know yet, but just knowing that it is coming is enough....Another Cronenberg classic, Videodrome is set to be remade too. Is nothing sacred? Dario Argento's Deep Red is another classic movie being modernised or whatever they call it. I hear that George A Romero might be directing it, so it could be okay, but with Suspiria being re imagined also, I have my doubts...Fright Night was a tongue in cheek horror movie and it was a lot of fun, now it will be remade for the teens....Clive Barker's Hellraiser is going to hit our screens next year. I think that I can wait...I suppose I come across as hating all remakes, but it is just that when you love a movie and enjoy it and then they take the story and they dumb it down and make it 3D for young pop corn eating kids, then it does irritate me. 

I wouldn't mind as much if they actually took care with these movies and try and be faithful to the originals, but they just plonk in a few teens and change characters and ruin everything that made the movie original and fresh. It ends up just like all of the other crud that is released. Rant over, I will get back to the endless remakes.Stephen King's IT is rumoured to be in for a reworking but no definates on that yet. Scanners is another Cronenberg movie that will be remade as far as I know as will They Live originally directed by John Carpenter. So, if this list of movies being reworked annoys you as much as it does me, then just do what I do. Put on the originals and ignore these crappy remakes....Maybe I will be surprised by some of these new offerings, but somehow, I doubt it....Let me know your thoughts on it....


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