Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Amanda's Horror Years-1990

I'm back with another year of horror movies for you to peruse and enjoy. This time, I have chose the year 1990. I can remember this year well and there were plenty of good movies to chose from.

I am going to begin with my favourites.Misery was released in this year and it was a hit. It was based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King. It was a real thriller/horror movie and it is a classic in my opinion. Arachnophobia is another classic movie, even though it is kind of comedy/horror. It is a lighthearted movie and if you hate spiders, as I do, it is scarier than a lot of gruesome movies!!!Read my review of that here.Another Stephen King horror movie was IT. I read the book first and loved it. The movie was good, though not a match for the novel..If you don't like clowns, then this movie isn't for you! A remake of the classic Night of the Living Dead surfaced this year and you either like it or you don't. I would prefer the original  I have to say, but it's up to you which you like.

More horror movies released were The Ambulance which starred Eric Roberts, A Cat in the Brain from Lucio Fulci, Darkman from Sam Raimi, Jacobs Ladder, Flatliners, Spontaneous Combustion from Tobe Hooper and Two Evil Eyes from Dario Argento and George A Romero. There were some sequels, of course. My favourite would be Psycho 4. This was the final Psycho movie and even though it was not my favourite, I own it and I would still recommend it. Watchers 2 was another one and Sorority House Massacre 2. Slumber Party Massacre 3 appeared.The Amityville Curse was released and maybe is best left forgotten.Basket Case 2 was better. The Exorcist 3 was okay, I wasn't mad about it.The Maniac Cop was back with his sequel, Maniac Cop 2. Gremlins 2 was more comedy than horror, but it is worth a mention here. The Gate 2 came out as did Child's Play 2. There were so many sequels in this year.
That wraps up 1990 in my horror years. I could have forgotten some movies from this year so let me know if there is a movie you like. I have just picked out some I have seen....Look through them and relive some horror memories....


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