Sunday, March 6, 2011

Skeleton Crew Movie Review 170

Skeleton Crew is a 2009 Finnish horror movie directed by Tommi Lepola and Tero Molin.

The movie begins with a girl called Lisa(Rita Suomalainen) who gets out out of a crashed car. She is hurt. She pulls out her boyfriend from the car. He is badly injured and needs help. She walks to a hospital in the middle of nowhere and there is a camera filming her. She knocks at the door and a nurse answers. She arranges help for her boyfriend and he is brought into the hospital and a doctor appears. He is Doctor Anderson(David Yoken) and he is going to operate on the boyfriend. Lisa is tended to by the nurse as she waits for news.It is a mental institution and Lisa is spooked. She hears a scream, but the nurse tells her that it is normal..The hospital is over 100 years old and there are almost 100 patients. Lisa sees a video camera and a lot of movie reels. She has to stay there overnight as her boyfriend's operation was a success but he needs rest. She wakes from her sleep and wanders around the hospital. She finds her boyfriend who has been butchered by the doctor. He tells her to escape. Suddenly, we see that this is not real life, but just a movie...

Lisa is a character in the movie and it is called Silent Creek. The movie is based on actual events. A mad doctor killed people and filmed it in the hospital. The crew are working when they hear something. They go to investigate and they find a sealed room. There are loads of movie reels in it. They look at them and realise that they are snuff movies. The director, Steve(Steve Porter) wants to watch them. The rest of the crew are freaked out by it. They don't call the cops because they all need the money the movie will make them.Steven gets carried away with the torture scenes in his movie. He has been watching the snuff movies and it is having an effect on him.Next day, Stephen orders one of his actors to do a torture scene and he gives him a drill telling him that it is fake. Unfortunately, it is real and an actress gets hurt. The rest of the movie consists of Steven going insane and killing the rest of the crew and filming it.

This movie wasn't great, to be honest. I just didn't really like it. It started off fine, but near the end, it just wasn't fun anymore. But, it is good to see some European horror movies, I guess. I will give it a 4/10


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