Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Toxic Avenger Movie Review 172

 The Toxic Avenger is a Troma horror movie released in 1984. Troma is known for low budget horror. This is directed by Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz.

The movie begins in a place called Tromaville. A young man called Melvin(Mark Torgl) is a dweeb who works in a local gym. He is the butt of everyone's jokes and he is ridiculed daily by a group of idiots led by meat head Bozo(Gary Scneider). His girlfriend is Julie(Cindy Manion) and his best friend is called Slug(Robert Prichard). Slug's girlfriend is called Wanda(Jennifer Prichard). They are a group of nasty people and they like to drive around at night killing people with their car for no reason. The girls take pictures of the dead bodies. Julie comes up with a plan to 'fix' Melvin and she seduces him, tells him to wear a pink tutu and meet her for sex which he does. He doesn't realise that it is a joke and everyone is waiting for him. He is humiliated and he runs from them. At this time, there is a truck outside the gym with hazardous chemical waste in it. Melvin crashes through the window of the gym in an attempt to escape the mob and falls into a vat of liquid. All the kids laugh at him as he burns.

Melvin is transformed into a mutant called The Toxic Avenger. He is huge now and he has powers beyond belief. He has been transformed from geek into hero. He goes around Tromaville saving people from criminals and evil doers. He smashes anyone who is bad. There are some hilarious scenes in a taco restaurant and it has to be seen to be believed! He saves a blind girl called Sara(Andree Maranda) and they fall in love. She can see the good inside him and they move in together. Melvin keeps his watch on the baddies of Tromaville and he helps the cops when he can. The mayor of the town is Mayor Belgoody(Pat Ryan) and he is corrupt. He wants to put a toxic waste dump near the reservoir for the town's water supply. He and his cronies want the Toxic Avenger dead as he might discover what they are up to.

Melvin is helping everyone around the town and when he kills a little old lady for no reason apparently, the town turn against him, led by the mayor. But, it emerges that the lady he killed was the head of a white slave ring. The mayor doesn't tell the people that and he brings in the army to locate Melvin and destroy him. They find him and Sara in a tent and Belgoody tries to get them to kill him, but people won't because Melvin is a hero not a baddie. Melvin kills Belgoody as he is evil and corrupt and everyone is happy again!  Melvin and Sara live together and he helps keep the town free from crime and corruption!

This is a good movie. There are some great funny scenes in it and it doesn't take itself seriously at all. I loved the humour in it and it is highly amusing for a horror movie. I recommend this to any movie fan as it is worth a watch for the great scenes including one in which a man has his hands deep fried!!!!There is supposed to be a remake of this which will be 'family friendly'. To me that means, avoid at all costs!!!!This gets an 8/10.


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