Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Camp Hell a.k.a. Camp Hope Movie Review 177

Camp Hell or Camp Hope is a 2010 horror/thriller movie starring Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew McCarthy, Bruce Davison and Dana Delaney. It is directed by George VanBuskirk.

The movie begins with a guy called Tommy(Will Denton) who is going to a Christian camp called Camp Hope. His parents (McCarthy and Delaney) are religious too.There are boys and girls going  and they are separated. There is to be no hanky panky there. The camp is in the middle of nowhere so they can pray in peace. The rules are laid down by Father McAllister(Davison). The priest has been working with a guy called Daniel Jacobs(Eisenberg) who used to be at the camp and who sees the Devil or something like that. He thinks that the priest has failed him and he refuses to see him again. McAllister finds the church defiled and he is upset. He thinks that someone at the camp has done it.He also finds out that Tommy has been messing around with his girlfriend, Melissa(Valentina de Angelis). He is not pleased.

Tommy finds that bad things are happening to him since his sin and he feels sorry. As things come to a head, the priest thinks that some anti-religious kids are responsible for the damage the the church etc.This movie then takes a turn for the worse. Everything starts to get confusing and I just began to lose interest. If you are interested in seeing this movie, then by all means, go ahead, but I really think that this movie was a waste of time and even the good cast could not save it. Just don't bother with this. It isn't good, it isn't even mediocre, it is just bad. It gets a shocking 1/10.


Anonymous said...

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