Friday, April 8, 2011

A Nightmare On Elm Street 5:The Dream Child Movie Review 175

The Dream Child is the fifth movie in the Nightmare On Elm Street series and it is directed  by Stephen Hopkins who was responsible for the dreadful movie The Reaping starring the equally dreadful Hilary Swank so that should have been a warning immediately. This movie stars Lisa Wilcox who reprises her role as Alice.

The movie begins with Alice dreaming about a nun called Amanda Krueger(Beatrice Boepple). The nun is in a mental institution and she is raped when she is left alone with the patients. Alice wakes up.Alice and her boyfriend Dan(Danny Hassel) are graduating along with their pals.Alice tells Dan about her dream. Alice has more dreams about the mental institution and she sees Freddy. She sees his birth. Amanda is his mother and she is trapped in the institution. She needs someone to free her. Alice tells Dan that Freddy is back and he is going to try and kill her again. Dan isn't so sure that Freddy has come back until he falls asleep behind the wheel and he dreams of Freddy. There is a good scene where Dan is on a motorbike and he gets more than he bargained for. Dan gets killed when he wakes up and crashes into a truck. It is ruled an accident.

When Alice finds out, she tries to tell everyone that Freddy is back but they think that she has lost her mind.
She ends up in hospital where she is told that she is pregnant. She meets a weird kid called Jacob in the hospital and he seems to know her. He disappears when she tries to follow him. Alice tells her pals about Freddy and what happened before this. They think that she has gone mad. They all assume that Dan's death was an accident too. One of Alice's friends, Greta(Erika Anderson) falls asleep and she is force fed until she dies....You have to see that scene... Everyone thinks that she choked on her food, but Alice knows better.
She tells her other pal, Mark(Joe Seely)  that Freddy is coming for them. He believes her. Yvonne(Kelly Jo Minter), her other friend, thinks that she is crazy and gets angry with her.

Mark falls asleep and he meets a grisly end at the hands of Freddy.Alice realises that Freddy is trying to interfere with her baby in some way. She tells Yvonne that he is taking the souls of his victims and pushing them into her baby. He is using the dreams of her unborn child to get at Jacob and make him evil. Yvonne has a close shave with Freddy, but Alice manages to save her.Yvonne and Alice know that they need to stop Freddy before he can kill them and hurt the baby. Yvonne sets off to find Amanda and get her to stop Freddy. Alice is dreaming and she finds Freddy who has Jacob with him. Jacob happens to be her unborn child and Freddy is trying to turn him against Alice. They fight and Alice wins out when Amanda appears and tells Jacob to fight Freddy. Amanda takes Freddy back into her womb and he destroys her. Alice and Yvonne escape. Jacob is born and everyone lives happily ever after.....Until, the weird kids show up singing Freddy's theme tune....He will be back!!!!!

Not a great addition to the series. Quite poor actually. It was not bad, but it just left me disappointed. There were a couple of good scenes but overall, this was a mediocre movie at best. I give it a 4/10.


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