Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And Soon the Darkness Movie Review 186

 And Soon the Darkness is a 2010 thriller starring Amber Heard and Karl Urban. It is directed by Marcos Efron.

The movie is set in Argentina and two girls, Stephanie(Heard) and Ellie(Odette Yustman) are biking and looking for a hotel. They finally reach it and the woman at reception is concerned that they are travelling alone. They laugh it off and then go out that night to a local bar where they meet some guys. Some locals buy them a drink but Stephanie isn't interested in hooking up. She sees that Ellie has gone off with a local guy and she goes back to the hotel alone. She is awoken later by Ellie and the guy who gets very hot and heavy with her. Stephanie goes out and brings Ellie inside. The guy isn't happy and he shouts at them. The girls are scared. An American guy called Michael(Urban) helps them out and gets rid of the local guy. The next morning, the girls miss their bus and they have to stay where they are. They decide to cycle down to the river and sunbathe. They fall out and Stephanie ends up cycling away after they agree to meet for lunch.

Lunchtime comes and Ellie is nowhere to be seen. Stephanie gets worried about her and she wonders if something has happened. She meets Michael and he helps her look for Ellie. They go down to the river and find her phone. Michael finds blood. They get the police involved, but there doesn't seem to be much point as they are not interested. Stephanie is angry and she decides to look for Ellie herself. She uncovers some awful truths along with Michael and they get closer to finding out what happened to Ellie. Is she still alive???You will have to watch to find out. This is a decent thriller and I am giving it a 6/10. It is worth a watch and it will entertain you!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Obama Drunk in Ireland!!!!!

This is a video of Obama being drunk after a few pints of Guinness in Ireland!!!!He must have had one too many and then went on to make his speech!!!!!Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Endure Movie Review 184

 Endure in a 2010 thriller starring Judd Nelson, Devon Sawa, Tom Arnold and Joey Lauren Adams. It is directed by Joe O Brien.

The movie begins with a young woman being tied up and thrown into the trunk of a car. Some guy drags her out of the trunk and ties her to a tree in the middle of the forest.He drives off. He sends a text to someone saying 'done' but then he crashes his car and dies. Emory Lane(Nelson) is a cop who is on the case. He  is called to the car accident scene. They find a picture of the woman tied to a tree but they  have no idea where she is. They begin to try and find out who she is and where the tree is.They find lots of evidence in the dead man's car and they figure out that he has kidnapped more than one woman. Emory is saddled with a young partner called Zeth Arnold(Sawa).On top of that Emory has a wife, Sirena(Adams) who is dying from a heart defect.

The cops keep chasing leads which lead to nowhere and they are getting worried that the young woman will die out there in the forest. They finally find a link between the dead guy and a guy called Simon(Tom Arnold) who just happens to be a serial killer. They realise that he is going to go to the forest to pick up the girl and they have to get there and stop him but will they be too late? This movie was okay at best. There was some decent acting from Judd Nelson, but there were parts of it that dragged. I am giving this a 5/10.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Husk Movie Review 183

Husk is a horror movie starring Devon Graye,Wes Chatham and Tammin Sursok(from Home and Away).It is directed by Brett Simmons.

The movie begins with five people driving in a car. They are travelling along when birds start flying at their car and they swerve and end up in a field. They wake up and they are all shaken. They look around and they see that there is loads of corn around(that's never good!) and one of them, Johnny(Ben Easter) has gone missing. Scott(Devon Graye) suggests that Johnny might have wandered into the corn field. Scott and his friend, Brian(Wes Chatham) decide to go and they leave their pals Chris(CJ Thomason) and Natalie(Sursok) at the car. Brian and Scott get lost in the cornfield. There is something weird going on. They find an old car in the middle of the field which is strange. They also see a weird looking scarecrow. Suddenly, they see an old house...

Natalie sees something in the corn and she tells Chris. Meanwhile, Scott and Brian reach the old house and have a look inside(Texas Chainsaw Massacre style). They hear a noise. Meanwhile, Natalie is looking in the corn and she finds a weird scarecrow that has actual teeth. Chris thinks that she is losing the plot when she tells him. They decide to go and find the other two anyway. Scott and Brian are in the creepy house poking around. They go into one of the rooms and they find what looks like Johnny sitting at a sewing machine. He seems to be making something, but he isn't the same Johnny. In the cornfield, Natalie is attacked and dragged away by something. Brian hears this and he runs into the corn where he meets Chris and they look for her.
Scott is alone in the house. Brian and Chris find Natalie hanging from a post in the field and she is dead. Brian takes her body and tries to take her back to the house, but he is attacked by something and he realises that it was a scarecrow!!!! 

Brian manages to reach Scott at the house and he tells him about the attack. They realise that the scarecrow cannot come out of the field. Chris arrives back and he joins Brian and Scott. Brian and Scott are trying to find a way out so they try to find a car or something while Chris investigates the old house. Brian and Scott find an old Chevy truck. It seems pretty new and they need to find the keys. They have a look in the garage where they see a scarecrow. It seems to be just lying there and Scott is sure that he sees it move but Brian doesn't. He also has visions of two young boys who are with their dad gutting a pig. One of them is angry and he doesn't want to  do it. Chris discovers the keys to the Chevy in the house and he realises that he is not alone in the house. He locks himself in the sewing room upstairs. Suddenly, the door opens and Natalie arrives in. She is dead but she sits at the sewing machine just like Johnny and appears to be making something.

The others arrive back and Chris tells them what happened. Brian tries to get to Natalie but he can't. He freaks out and runs off. Chris is trapped with her so he climbs out the window. When Brian arrives back, Natalie has gone. They decide to go off in the Chevy but then Brian won't go because he wants Natalie's body. He takes the keys to the Chevy. Scott is still having visions of the two young boys and he sees one of them kill the other and hang him up in the field like a scarecrow. Scott is attacked and cut by one of the scarecrows. Brian saves him. Chris wants to get out and he tries to get Scott to come with him as he thinks that Brian is losing it. Scott wants to stay.Chris takes the car and drives through the corn but he is stopped by lots of scarecrows. Brian saves him as he has found a shotgun and he shoots the scarecrows. Brian is killed when he sees that one of the scarecrows is Natalie and he can't shoot her. Scott continues with his visions of the young boys. The killer boy made his brother into a scarecrow.

Chris and Scott are left and they try and find a way out of the field. They realise that the scarecrows will be busy with Brian and they will take their eyes off the cornfield for a few minutes. Chris and Scott make their escape, or do they??? This movie was good fun and it was better than I thought it would be. I liked it and I would recommend it. It is worth a watch. I am giving this one a 6/10.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

House Of Bones Movie Review 182

House of Bones is a 2010 made for TV horror movie starring Charisma Carpenter, Corin Nemec and Ricky Wayne.It is directed by Jeffery Scott Lando.

In November 1951, a young boy enters a weird house to get his ball and he is never seen again. Cut to a ghost hunting show. Quentin French(Nemec) is the presenter and he is talking about a haunted house that him and his team are going to investigate. Behind the scenes, French is an asshole. His show, Sinister Sites is not doing well in the ratings so his producer tells him that he has to actually go to the house and spend time there to see if there are really any ghosts. The team arrive first and they have a psychic with them called Heather Burton(Carpenter). She finds an old doll in the front yard and she gets bad vibes from it. She wanders around looking at everything. Tom(Ricky Wayne) is trying to set up everything. He is the producer and he is giving the instructions to the others. There is a new guy with them called Bub(Kyle Clements). It is first day on the job and he wants to do well. He is working with a guy called Greg(Marcus Lyle Brown) who is one of the lead investigators. There is another guy called Simon(Colin Galyean) who is an investigator too. They all get ready for the show.

The realtor for the house is called Sarah(Stephanie Honore) and she catches them inside the house. She is not pleased but Greg talks her round. Meanwhile, Heather is looking around and she sees something. Bub disappears and they can't find him anywhere. The rest of the crew look and they wonder what the hell happened to him. They begin to get spooked as some of them see weird things in the house. They hear Bub shouting for help but they can't find him. They search the house but he isn' there. Heather is affected and she begins to feel ill. They hear Bub's voice on their tape recording. He is calling for help. Some of the team want to get out of the house, but Tom wants to stay and film more. He wants to become famous for discovering real ghosts. Heather finds Bub but he is trapped inside a wall. The house seems to be  holding him. All hell breaks loose as they realise that the house is possessed by evil and it will not let them leave.

Quentin turns up and he can't get in and they can't come out. They figure out that the secret to the house lies in a well outside. They try and get Quentin to help them, but he gets killed. They realise that the house needs to be fed dead bodies to survive. It is trying to replenish itself. The previous owners gave it bodies and it lived.
They try to find a way to kill the house, but will they be successful???? This movie was entertaining and fun.
I liked it. It was decent for a low budget movie and I think that it was well worth watching. I recommend this movie as it was a nice surprise! It gets a 6/10.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Rite Movie Review 181


 The Rite is a 2011 film starring Anthony Hopkins and Colin O' Donoghue. It's directed by a Swedish guy called Mikael Hafstrom.

This film is pretty easy to explain. Michael Kovak(O'Donoghue) is studying to be a priest, but he lacks real faith and he is wondering if he is suitable for the priesthood. He is going to leave when Father Matthew(Toby Jones) tells him about this programme in Rome. It is a study about exorcism. Michael is sceptical but agrees to go.He goes to one of the lectures about exorcisim and he is not sure he believes all of it. So, then he meets exorcist, Father Lucas(Hopkins) and things take a strange turn. He begins to be exposed to people who are supposedly possessed and he is faced with some decisions. He has to decide if he has faith and if can believe in the Devil.

This film's a bit boring. It is too long anyway. I think that films should be around an hour and a half. This one was too long because there was more chatting and pondering than anything else. I wasn't too bothered with it to be honest. Amanda felt the same way. We thought that there were one or two good scenes and the rest was just talking and more talking.If you are interested in reliegion etc, then maybe you would love this one, but it is just dull. I also hate the fact that is is PG-13. What is with that? Horror films used to be for adults before, now we are given this PG rubbish. This one is to be avoided unless you love long movies with not much happening most of the time.

The Rite- 3/10

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Breadcrumbs Movie Review 180

Breadcrumbs is a 2011 horror movie directed by Mike Nichols and starring nobody you would know.

The film begins with a woman hanging from the roof. It turns out that she is a cop and  she is struggling. Someone kills her and the movie starts with her badge dropping into a pool of blood.So, a group of filmmakers and going to a remote cabin/house in the middle of nowhere to shoot a porn movie. While they have stopped for a break, they see two weirdo kids just walking along hand in hand(that's never good!). They go on their way and arrive at their house. One of the women, Angie(Marianne Hagan) hears a child humming while she is getting a breath of fresh air outside. She sees one of the weirdo kids. It is a little girl with red hair and she has lost her doll. The girl runs off and her brother, Henry(Dan Shaked) is hiding in the woodshed. Angie sees him and gives him the doll for his sister. He is a total weirdo and he scares her with his cryptic talk.

This incident begins the slaughter of all inside the cabin one by one by the two kids. That is not giving away the plot because it is made obvious throughout the movie. This film annoyed the hell out of me because the characters were stupid and they did some really daft things. For instance, Angie refuses to believe that a child is responsible for the killings and she tries to shield the girl from her brother who seems to be the boss. This move defied belief for me. If there are two kids out there killing people, why would you take one of them in and trust them? Plus,there are a group of adults cowering from two kids. That just doesn't make any sense.
There were other things in the movie which annoyed me too.

This film is not worth your time if you hate irritating characters. Angie was one of the most annoying characters I have come across in my years of watching movies. I wanted to throw something at the screen when she came on. She makes some terrible decisions in the movie as do the others and the ending is woeful. I am sorry that I sat through this and I would not recommend it. It could have been a very good movie as the idea wasn't that bad, but the execution was terrible. It gets a 2/10.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Insidious Movie Review 179

Insidious is a new horror movie starring Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne. It is written by Leigh Whannell who wrote Saw, Saw 2 and Saw 3.

The movie begins with a couple, Josh Lambert(Wilson) and his wife Renai(Byrne) who move into a new house with their son Dalton(Ty Simpkins) and his brother Foster(Andrew Astor) along with their baby. Dalton doesn't like his new room.He goes up into the attic and he falls from a ladder. He hits his head and goes into a coma. The doctors are baffled as he doesn't seem to have any injuries. Cut to three months later and Dalton is still in a coma. Renai and Josh have been taking care of him at home. One day, Renai hears noises through the baby monitor. The baby is crying when she runs up to the room. One night, the parents hear a noise downstairs and Josh goes down to investigate. Their alarm goes off and the front door is open. Renai sees someone in the baby's room and screams. The next day, Renai finds a bloody hand print on Dalton's bed.

Renai tells John than the house is haunted and she wants to leave. John is sceptical but they move house.
Josh's mother,Lorraine(Barbara Hershey) visits them and she tells them that she dreamed of the house and that there was something in the house that wanted Dalton. Renai sees a young boy dancing to music and it scares her. It is a ghost. When Dalton's room is wrecked and they find him on the floor, they decide to bring in two paranormal investigators, Specs(played by writer Leigh Whannell) and Tucker(Angus Sampson). They set up in the house. Tucker sees some ghosts. They call in a medium, Elise(Lin Shaye) and she senses something evil in the house. She tells the parents that Dalton is not in a coma and she tells them that he has left his body and that his vacant body is being taken hostage by ghosts and demons. They want to possess his body and they are waiting until they can claim him. Dalton is lost in a place called The Further and he can't leave.

Josh doesn't believe this. He thinks that they are all mad. He sends them away. But,when he discovers pictures that Dalton drew of the demon before his coma, he agrees to let them try and find Dalton.Elise makes contact with Dalton, but she also makes contact with the demon who is holding him hostage. Elise can't get him out. Then the story takes a turn and it is discovered that Josh can also leave his body and he was in the same position when he was young. His mother, Lorraine tells him that she had to bring in Elise when he was a child to rid him of an old woman ghost who was following him around. She tells Josh that he needs to go to The Further and rescue his son, but can he do it???

This is a well made film. It is directed by James Wan who directed Saw. There are some clever touches in this movie. Leigh Whannell has a cameo as Specs, the directors name appears on a blackboard during the movie.
Also on a blackboard appears the face of the Billy Doll from Saw and the number 8. Is this a sign that there will be another Saw movie? Let's hope so!!!! Let me just say that this movie takes ideas from Poltergeist and 
Paranormal Activity. It is a homage to those films, I think. Some people see it differently, but I think that this film is better than a lot of movies I have watched recently and I liked it a lot. It was genuinely scarey and there were some good moments in it.. I am giving it an 8/10.

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