Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And Soon the Darkness Movie Review 186

 And Soon the Darkness is a 2010 thriller starring Amber Heard and Karl Urban. It is directed by Marcos Efron.

The movie is set in Argentina and two girls, Stephanie(Heard) and Ellie(Odette Yustman) are biking and looking for a hotel. They finally reach it and the woman at reception is concerned that they are travelling alone. They laugh it off and then go out that night to a local bar where they meet some guys. Some locals buy them a drink but Stephanie isn't interested in hooking up. She sees that Ellie has gone off with a local guy and she goes back to the hotel alone. She is awoken later by Ellie and the guy who gets very hot and heavy with her. Stephanie goes out and brings Ellie inside. The guy isn't happy and he shouts at them. The girls are scared. An American guy called Michael(Urban) helps them out and gets rid of the local guy. The next morning, the girls miss their bus and they have to stay where they are. They decide to cycle down to the river and sunbathe. They fall out and Stephanie ends up cycling away after they agree to meet for lunch.

Lunchtime comes and Ellie is nowhere to be seen. Stephanie gets worried about her and she wonders if something has happened. She meets Michael and he helps her look for Ellie. They go down to the river and find her phone. Michael finds blood. They get the police involved, but there doesn't seem to be much point as they are not interested. Stephanie is angry and she decides to look for Ellie herself. She uncovers some awful truths along with Michael and they get closer to finding out what happened to Ellie. Is she still alive???You will have to watch to find out. This is a decent thriller and I am giving it a 6/10. It is worth a watch and it will entertain you!


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