Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Breadcrumbs Movie Review 180

Breadcrumbs is a 2011 horror movie directed by Mike Nichols and starring nobody you would know.

The film begins with a woman hanging from the roof. It turns out that she is a cop and  she is struggling. Someone kills her and the movie starts with her badge dropping into a pool of blood.So, a group of filmmakers and going to a remote cabin/house in the middle of nowhere to shoot a porn movie. While they have stopped for a break, they see two weirdo kids just walking along hand in hand(that's never good!). They go on their way and arrive at their house. One of the women, Angie(Marianne Hagan) hears a child humming while she is getting a breath of fresh air outside. She sees one of the weirdo kids. It is a little girl with red hair and she has lost her doll. The girl runs off and her brother, Henry(Dan Shaked) is hiding in the woodshed. Angie sees him and gives him the doll for his sister. He is a total weirdo and he scares her with his cryptic talk.

This incident begins the slaughter of all inside the cabin one by one by the two kids. That is not giving away the plot because it is made obvious throughout the movie. This film annoyed the hell out of me because the characters were stupid and they did some really daft things. For instance, Angie refuses to believe that a child is responsible for the killings and she tries to shield the girl from her brother who seems to be the boss. This move defied belief for me. If there are two kids out there killing people, why would you take one of them in and trust them? Plus,there are a group of adults cowering from two kids. That just doesn't make any sense.
There were other things in the movie which annoyed me too.

This film is not worth your time if you hate irritating characters. Angie was one of the most annoying characters I have come across in my years of watching movies. I wanted to throw something at the screen when she came on. She makes some terrible decisions in the movie as do the others and the ending is woeful. I am sorry that I sat through this and I would not recommend it. It could have been a very good movie as the idea wasn't that bad, but the execution was terrible. It gets a 2/10.


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