Tuesday, May 10, 2011

House Of Bones Movie Review 182

House of Bones is a 2010 made for TV horror movie starring Charisma Carpenter, Corin Nemec and Ricky Wayne.It is directed by Jeffery Scott Lando.

In November 1951, a young boy enters a weird house to get his ball and he is never seen again. Cut to a ghost hunting show. Quentin French(Nemec) is the presenter and he is talking about a haunted house that him and his team are going to investigate. Behind the scenes, French is an asshole. His show, Sinister Sites is not doing well in the ratings so his producer tells him that he has to actually go to the house and spend time there to see if there are really any ghosts. The team arrive first and they have a psychic with them called Heather Burton(Carpenter). She finds an old doll in the front yard and she gets bad vibes from it. She wanders around looking at everything. Tom(Ricky Wayne) is trying to set up everything. He is the producer and he is giving the instructions to the others. There is a new guy with them called Bub(Kyle Clements). It is first day on the job and he wants to do well. He is working with a guy called Greg(Marcus Lyle Brown) who is one of the lead investigators. There is another guy called Simon(Colin Galyean) who is an investigator too. They all get ready for the show.

The realtor for the house is called Sarah(Stephanie Honore) and she catches them inside the house. She is not pleased but Greg talks her round. Meanwhile, Heather is looking around and she sees something. Bub disappears and they can't find him anywhere. The rest of the crew look and they wonder what the hell happened to him. They begin to get spooked as some of them see weird things in the house. They hear Bub shouting for help but they can't find him. They search the house but he isn' there. Heather is affected and she begins to feel ill. They hear Bub's voice on their tape recording. He is calling for help. Some of the team want to get out of the house, but Tom wants to stay and film more. He wants to become famous for discovering real ghosts. Heather finds Bub but he is trapped inside a wall. The house seems to be  holding him. All hell breaks loose as they realise that the house is possessed by evil and it will not let them leave.

Quentin turns up and he can't get in and they can't come out. They figure out that the secret to the house lies in a well outside. They try and get Quentin to help them, but he gets killed. They realise that the house needs to be fed dead bodies to survive. It is trying to replenish itself. The previous owners gave it bodies and it lived.
They try to find a way to kill the house, but will they be successful???? This movie was entertaining and fun.
I liked it. It was decent for a low budget movie and I think that it was well worth watching. I recommend this movie as it was a nice surprise! It gets a 6/10.


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