Sunday, May 15, 2011

Husk Movie Review 183

Husk is a horror movie starring Devon Graye,Wes Chatham and Tammin Sursok(from Home and Away).It is directed by Brett Simmons.

The movie begins with five people driving in a car. They are travelling along when birds start flying at their car and they swerve and end up in a field. They wake up and they are all shaken. They look around and they see that there is loads of corn around(that's never good!) and one of them, Johnny(Ben Easter) has gone missing. Scott(Devon Graye) suggests that Johnny might have wandered into the corn field. Scott and his friend, Brian(Wes Chatham) decide to go and they leave their pals Chris(CJ Thomason) and Natalie(Sursok) at the car. Brian and Scott get lost in the cornfield. There is something weird going on. They find an old car in the middle of the field which is strange. They also see a weird looking scarecrow. Suddenly, they see an old house...

Natalie sees something in the corn and she tells Chris. Meanwhile, Scott and Brian reach the old house and have a look inside(Texas Chainsaw Massacre style). They hear a noise. Meanwhile, Natalie is looking in the corn and she finds a weird scarecrow that has actual teeth. Chris thinks that she is losing the plot when she tells him. They decide to go and find the other two anyway. Scott and Brian are in the creepy house poking around. They go into one of the rooms and they find what looks like Johnny sitting at a sewing machine. He seems to be making something, but he isn't the same Johnny. In the cornfield, Natalie is attacked and dragged away by something. Brian hears this and he runs into the corn where he meets Chris and they look for her.
Scott is alone in the house. Brian and Chris find Natalie hanging from a post in the field and she is dead. Brian takes her body and tries to take her back to the house, but he is attacked by something and he realises that it was a scarecrow!!!! 

Brian manages to reach Scott at the house and he tells him about the attack. They realise that the scarecrow cannot come out of the field. Chris arrives back and he joins Brian and Scott. Brian and Scott are trying to find a way out so they try to find a car or something while Chris investigates the old house. Brian and Scott find an old Chevy truck. It seems pretty new and they need to find the keys. They have a look in the garage where they see a scarecrow. It seems to be just lying there and Scott is sure that he sees it move but Brian doesn't. He also has visions of two young boys who are with their dad gutting a pig. One of them is angry and he doesn't want to  do it. Chris discovers the keys to the Chevy in the house and he realises that he is not alone in the house. He locks himself in the sewing room upstairs. Suddenly, the door opens and Natalie arrives in. She is dead but she sits at the sewing machine just like Johnny and appears to be making something.

The others arrive back and Chris tells them what happened. Brian tries to get to Natalie but he can't. He freaks out and runs off. Chris is trapped with her so he climbs out the window. When Brian arrives back, Natalie has gone. They decide to go off in the Chevy but then Brian won't go because he wants Natalie's body. He takes the keys to the Chevy. Scott is still having visions of the two young boys and he sees one of them kill the other and hang him up in the field like a scarecrow. Scott is attacked and cut by one of the scarecrows. Brian saves him. Chris wants to get out and he tries to get Scott to come with him as he thinks that Brian is losing it. Scott wants to stay.Chris takes the car and drives through the corn but he is stopped by lots of scarecrows. Brian saves him as he has found a shotgun and he shoots the scarecrows. Brian is killed when he sees that one of the scarecrows is Natalie and he can't shoot her. Scott continues with his visions of the young boys. The killer boy made his brother into a scarecrow.

Chris and Scott are left and they try and find a way out of the field. They realise that the scarecrows will be busy with Brian and they will take their eyes off the cornfield for a few minutes. Chris and Scott make their escape, or do they??? This movie was good fun and it was better than I thought it would be. I liked it and I would recommend it. It is worth a watch. I am giving this one a 6/10.


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