Monday, May 2, 2011

Insidious Movie Review 179

Insidious is a new horror movie starring Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne. It is written by Leigh Whannell who wrote Saw, Saw 2 and Saw 3.

The movie begins with a couple, Josh Lambert(Wilson) and his wife Renai(Byrne) who move into a new house with their son Dalton(Ty Simpkins) and his brother Foster(Andrew Astor) along with their baby. Dalton doesn't like his new room.He goes up into the attic and he falls from a ladder. He hits his head and goes into a coma. The doctors are baffled as he doesn't seem to have any injuries. Cut to three months later and Dalton is still in a coma. Renai and Josh have been taking care of him at home. One day, Renai hears noises through the baby monitor. The baby is crying when she runs up to the room. One night, the parents hear a noise downstairs and Josh goes down to investigate. Their alarm goes off and the front door is open. Renai sees someone in the baby's room and screams. The next day, Renai finds a bloody hand print on Dalton's bed.

Renai tells John than the house is haunted and she wants to leave. John is sceptical but they move house.
Josh's mother,Lorraine(Barbara Hershey) visits them and she tells them that she dreamed of the house and that there was something in the house that wanted Dalton. Renai sees a young boy dancing to music and it scares her. It is a ghost. When Dalton's room is wrecked and they find him on the floor, they decide to bring in two paranormal investigators, Specs(played by writer Leigh Whannell) and Tucker(Angus Sampson). They set up in the house. Tucker sees some ghosts. They call in a medium, Elise(Lin Shaye) and she senses something evil in the house. She tells the parents that Dalton is not in a coma and she tells them that he has left his body and that his vacant body is being taken hostage by ghosts and demons. They want to possess his body and they are waiting until they can claim him. Dalton is lost in a place called The Further and he can't leave.

Josh doesn't believe this. He thinks that they are all mad. He sends them away. But,when he discovers pictures that Dalton drew of the demon before his coma, he agrees to let them try and find Dalton.Elise makes contact with Dalton, but she also makes contact with the demon who is holding him hostage. Elise can't get him out. Then the story takes a turn and it is discovered that Josh can also leave his body and he was in the same position when he was young. His mother, Lorraine tells him that she had to bring in Elise when he was a child to rid him of an old woman ghost who was following him around. She tells Josh that he needs to go to The Further and rescue his son, but can he do it???

This is a well made film. It is directed by James Wan who directed Saw. There are some clever touches in this movie. Leigh Whannell has a cameo as Specs, the directors name appears on a blackboard during the movie.
Also on a blackboard appears the face of the Billy Doll from Saw and the number 8. Is this a sign that there will be another Saw movie? Let's hope so!!!! Let me just say that this movie takes ideas from Poltergeist and 
Paranormal Activity. It is a homage to those films, I think. Some people see it differently, but I think that this film is better than a lot of movies I have watched recently and I liked it a lot. It was genuinely scarey and there were some good moments in it.. I am giving it an 8/10.


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